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Price Table - Dutch translation

Thanks to Dave van der Veen aka "The Devil" - he translated our price table in Dutch language. I added the new zip-file in the useful-file section where you can download it. If anyone out there likes to translate some of our files into other languages please send me a short mail with the changed file so that i can add it on the site!


by Andreas • 3.4.2002 - 07:23 PST

Patch 1.2 (Dutch Version) available

For all owners of the dutch version of Patrician 2 there is an new patch, v 1.2 ready for download. The patch fixes the crash in the town hall when accepting an transport order and fixes some minor translation bugs. You can download it in our Download-Area.


by Andreas • 4.3.2002 - 07:46 PST

Patrician 2 European Launch Dates

This message reached us and will make some people around Europe very very happy... "According to Infogrames Europe, the street date for Patrician 2 will be February, 22nd for all localized versions, that is France, UK, Benelux, Italy, Spain and Skandinavia. The release of the English Version in Greece and Israel will follow a few days later."


by Andreas • 20.2.2002 - 10:08 PST

P2 Shipping Date for UK

Ascaron, the german developer of Patrician 2, told us today that P2 is shipped in UK in the first week of december. The release in france goes on one week after the uk-release, so all waiting gamers in both countrys should reserve their christmas-holidays for this great game...


by Andreas • 12.11.2001 - 08:25 PST

New Excel-Sheet for trade-routes

José M. Cagigal de Ulloa (a.k.a. "El Cid") from spain did a very helpful file to plan better trade-routes. I am happy to offer it to our visitors, many thanks at José for this...


by Andreas • 28.10.2001 - 14:54 PST

Price table 2.0

We changed our old pricetable in the useful-file section. The new version is much better than the old one, now you can see the max. Revenue of each good, the best buying-citys and many other infos on one view.


by Andreas • 25.10.2001 - 14:52 PST

Ready to go...

After two days of hard work i finished the connection to GameSpy now! Hope you will enjoy the little changes and have much fun with this site... We are using the news-script from GameSpy from now on, and if anybody is interested in posting news for this site in feature - please mail me. Maybe we transfer our forum in feature to the GameSpy server too, but for the first time it runs on our german server, so don´t wonder about the pop-up when entering our board.


by Andreas • 24.10.2001 - 15:32 PST

Contest - it starts soon...

On our German site the p2-contest was the absolutely highlight this year. Many many people played against each other with their “savegames” and topped their highscores every week. So we decided, to run the contest on our international site too. Please visit our forum and discuss the rules with the other mebers, because that point was a hard discussed thing on our German site, and this time we will would like to start with rules, chossen by the members before...


by Silverdawn • 24.10.2001 - 12:52 PST

New files available now!

In the section “usefull files” you will find some cool pdf´s that will help you alot in playing patrician 2, because there you see at one view all required values for building businesses or trading goods for the right prices and so on...


by Silverdawn • 24.10.2001 - 12:49 PST

GameSpy hosting...

If you read this Message the hosting-procedure is finished. It was no easy way, but it still works ;-) So let´s hope that many many people across the world will notice this site in the next weeks and month - and - what great game Patrician 2 is.


by Silverdawn • 23.10.2001 - 12:53 PST

A few little changes in design...

Our old vistors will notice, that we did some changes in design. I had to do this for the adbanners from GameSpy. The old design had no space for banners, so i minimized the header of the page to get space for the bannercode. I also changed some graphic-links (old-stile font) in normal HTML-Fonts, some visitors had problems with very long loading-times when entering the site - it looks not so good now, but usability is more important...


by Silverdawn • 23.10.2001 - 12:38 PST


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