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There is always a free captain. One always sits in any city. You must scan all the cities with your ship(s) to find him. Later, build own offices in all cities so that you can enter the cities when ever you want...




Since a fully developed storehouse participates in trade later on, you should have Cogs as store-substitute early on, especially useful for storing "loads" of a product (not barrels).




You should use Crayers in the beginning in order to hunt down pirates. Crayers are fast, nimble and with extension-step three (ship upgrade) and a full complement of arms (weapons & cannons) they become a floating fortress. As a result of hunting down pirates your prestige will climb. The goods and ships you capture from the pirates can be sold or auctioned off.




Granting a loan can be very lucrative. Although the prestige climbs through low interests supposedly, but you should probably offer loans at the highest interest rate, since your return will be better.  We have seen no negative impact with using the highest interest rate in the german version...




Your prestige will increase enormously by developing the infrastructure of a city. Build wells, streets and hospitals in cities you have trading offices in (concentrate on your home city), and your people will thank you greatly!




As for the ships, only the Crayer and the hulks are truly good. The snaikka becomes too small with topmost shipyard-technology-step someday, and the Cog is simply too slow against the pirates.




If you plan a bribery in the bathhouse, you should spend a minimum of 25.000 GS to the person in the pool, otherwise it could happen that bribery doesn´t work and you loose much money for nothing.




The construction of tenements can be very worthwhile after some time. As soon as some houses reach full capacity, you start to see some profits. In principle you should always keep an eye on the different house classes one of the three house-classes are more than 90 percent full. If your competitors are not fast enough, and haven't built more houses, you should immediately build new houses then.




Some of the businesses produce only half as much in the winter as in the summer. Grain-farms, beekeepers, wine and hemp are the most impacted.




Joining a guild becomes more expensive over time. Save money therefore, by joining the guilds early in the game, rather than later.




If possible, you should start as many outriggers as possible. Besides raising your prestige, the reimbursement is normally quite good.




Ships should always be built in the same shipyard since the shipyard will become better (more experienced) with each order and then can build bigger ships.




Later in the game, you should start many expeditions. If your are the first to discover a new trade-station(city), the profits will be gigantic. However you should equip your ships very well before setting out, full personnel and perfect condition are obvious. Otherwise, your ships may not return at all or if they do, are highly damaged...




Beside thunderstorms appearing suddenly, you should, in the area Edinburgh - Bergen, watch out for icebergs in the winter. If you drive through the icebergs, the ship will take big damage.




Captured ships, no matter whether from competitors or pirates, should usually be auctioned, this brings in money.
Heres another tip for the very evil...if an almost destroyed ship was auctioned, the new owners will usually sail the ship to their home city and repair it there. In the rarest of cases they will do the repair in the city where the auction has taken place. So therefore you should board the badly damaged ship once again, because the ship will be really easy to capture again.




The costs for the extension of the church increase with each step about 20.000 GS





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