Metal Gear Solid 4’s Very Limited Duck Clock [K]

Kotaku reports~

"For the Metal Gear Solid fan who wants to wake up in style, Konami has created the "GA-KO Alarm Clock", a full-service recreation of the egg timer made famous in Metal Gear Solid 4. We suppose it could still be used to time your egg frying, but it looks like it feels more appropriate on a nightstand, with its adorable little face and sassy pose.

It’s limited to 2000 pieces — and importer NCSX says the GA-KO is currently sold out — but after peeping the extensive gallery at the retailer, which shows off the Metal Gear-esque packaging, you might want to check back. They say they’re getting more stock next week. Definitely do want."

TOY GA-KO Alarm Clock

(source: Kotaku/NCSX)

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