kelly slater's pro surfer 2 wishlist

mark occhilupo

top ten


  • many of the same breaks from ksps

  • include an end to the wave (hit the beach, wave dies down or closes out)

  • improve the beach breaks like trestles and Sebastian to go both ways (right and left)

  • ability to trick off the whitewater

  • ability to go strait up on broken wave (at Sebastian in certain circumstances, not pipeline)

  • improve existing breaks to resemble real-life counter parts to every last detail

  • sebastian jetty can not be shot it in real life

  • sebastian jetty should always be in the background

  • ocean bottom should be closer (more shallow)

  • should almost always hit the reef at breaks like pipeline and teahupoo

  • surfer should appear to be all the way out (no waves breaking further than him/her)

  • big wave breaks should look twice as big as cortez banks

  • big breaks should be harder to drop in on

  • more breaks from slater video footage/segments (backdoor, puerto escondido)

  • can you surf mundaka without a wetsuit?

  • teahupoo should look even sketchier with a very difficult drop

  • include a small left

  • tow in option at big wave breaks (jet ski)

  • ability to snap off breaking wave in front of the surfer

  • include mushy waves that don’t barrel and curls that can be tricked off of

  • barrels should close out sometimes

  • ability to surf Slater known secret spots

  • ability to change variables for each break; size, weather, etc.

  • include even smaller waves (Sebastian could have been a little smaller in size)

  • should be held under a LOT longer at say mavericks than sebastian


  • at least three new pros

  • Slater should be a tad bit skinnier

  • each surfer should start out with three plain white boards with only their sponsors on them

  • airbrushes should have to be unlocked

  • more wetsuits and board shorts for each surfer (why was this not included in ksps?)  

  • classic/young/retro surfer option instead of personality suit (machado fro, fletcher long hair)


  • sim cheat

  • ability to sit on board

  • ability to paddle out from beach or boat

  • option to tone down airs and other attributes even more than handicap

  • tweaking of all maneuvers (just a little to achieve perfection)

  • surfer shouldn't automatically grab his rail on small front side barrels

  • square button should work as a power bottom turn (more speed for top turns)

  • power (square) backside bottom turn is currently not practical

  • ability to grab rails during floater

  • easier to surf on and around breaking curl (no more pop off)

  • more attributes (example: power)

  • an adjustable option for EACH attribute (much like thps)

  • should be a greater difference from 1 to10 (attributes)

  • should be more foot adjustments (move up in the barrel, after BIG aerial)

  • duck dives shouldn’t go down so deep

  • layback stance in barrel needs work (surfer's back should touch water)

  • allow more movement by the surfer inside the barrel  

  • fine tune the L1 and R1 buttons inside the barrel

  • ability to readjust during floater

  • when begin a floater at top of wave, it should automatically start to break

  • inside the barrel it needs to be made easier to keep balance, but harder to stay in for long periods of time

  • noticeable difference in surfboard physics (guns, short boards, single fins should all ride considerably different)

  • should be more arm animation when the surfer tail slides or launches airs (back arm pointing up on slides for instance)

  • pumps (forward) should be broader, easier to gain speed with

  • ability to pump inside the barrel (when up button is pushed)

  • perfect the power button (square) bottom turn [should generate more speed for instance]

  • cheat to turn balance meter off

  • more barrel poses

  • more snap maneuvers (quick 180 tail slide for instance)

  • ability to cut underneath the wave after it closes out (another exit move)

  • improve air animations/physics

  • the gouge maneuver needs some work, currently doesn’t feel right

  • need to incorporate speed into the gameplay in terms of making barrels

  • fine tune the layback slide buttons, currently have to readjust hands, feels unnatural

  • more spray on turns


  • asp world tour license, complete with a tour that keeps standings and statistics

  • include wct, wqs, and specialty events

  • colored jerseys for contest

  • more emphasis on traveling around the world

  • each surfer should have different career paths (some lean toward contest, others more towards photos or surf trips)

  • no more jumping turtles or piers

  • podium sequence, oversized check after contest wins


  • guns should look considerably longer than normal boards

  • create-a-board/surfer/wave

  • more camera angles, preferably one further away

  • barrels should not always have an automatic behind the back camera angle

  • leash animation

  • local surfers in the water (crowds based on location)

  • hand trails/spray in the barrel

  • a replay system of some sorts

  • ability to turn crowds on/off during free surf

  • include a broken board animation

  • big wave wipeouts should be nastier

  • include blood in the water after a nasty wipeout

  • the Kelly Slater pro surfer special 2: the mentawai island sessions

  • ever thought of having original music composed for the videogame (aren’t Johnson and slater good friends?)

  • needs to be a shuffle option for the soundtrack

  • ability to change color/version or remove/add grip on each board (much like thps with grip tape)

  • ability to change fin color/version (single, three, various fcs’s: carroll’s, slater’s, occy’s, etc. again much like thps with wheels)

  • include different tail animations (menu states the board is swallow, but still looks square)

  • make it a point to have videos match the breaks

  • 'black and white' trestles footage

  • momentum ii Slater footage

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