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To make sure we can continue to provide you with this service, we have set a number of rules which have to be obeyed at all times. Breaking the upload rules will result in a ban.

Right to refuse
First of all, we have the right to refuse posting any file without prior notice. This can either be a pirated file, a file containing a virus or we just don't see why this file should be hosted on High Gear.

Only racesim-related stuff
It is only allowed to upload files that have something to do with racing sims or racesim hardware. We will not post videos of real-life events for example.

Could take a while
Please do not ask us why your file has not been posted yet if you uploaded the file less than 48 hours ago. Sometimes it could take a little while for our system to update and sending us mail about it will not speed up the process.

How to submit a file
You can submit a file via our Upload page (chances are you reached this page via that page, so you have already seen it). All you have to do is fill in the small form (we won't revise applications with info missing, all fields have to be filled in), select the file with Browse and press the "Send File" button. Please try to make the file as small as possible (use WinZip for example) to make the download as quick as possible for everyone.

Check for virusses
Make sure your file is absolutely virus-free. We will also be checking files, but it's not possible to check every single file all the time. High Gear is not responsible for the files provided by 3rd-party users (you) that contain virusses. But of course we'll do our very best to prevent virusses from being uploaded.

Include a readme file
Make sure to include a readme.txt (or .doc for that matter) readme file with your files. Tell us who created the file, who helped you with it, etc. The usual stuff. As you can read further below we're not going to tolerate piracy, so make sure you credit other people's work. Also don't forget to mention your own website for people wanting to get more info, etc.

The US Pits No Piracy Network (click link for more information)
The purpose of No Piracy is for sim racers to work together to remove sim piracy from the internet. The sites listed on this page all subscribe to the same creed...no piracy. These sites will not post or offer for download pirated software, and will actively work together to insure persons who DO post pirated software are stopped. If you find an incident of sim piracy on the net, or are a victim of one, you may email us the problem and we will keep you anonymous. Make sure, in case of freeware piracy, that you have examples to prove that the product being distributed is originally yours. If you have questions about copyright laws or piracy, please see the FAQ at the bottom of this page.

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