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Every new section brings a bunch of new features. Therefore we have filled a whole Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for you, full of answers to your most-asked questions. Make sure to read this through first before mailing us with your questions. If you still have questions, then you free (no, encouraged) to mail us.


How do I upload files?

This is a pretty simple process. All you have to do is go to our Upload page and follow the following steps:

1. Fill in the complete form with all info requested
2. In the "Type of file" box, remove all text apart from your type of file. So when you upload a track, delete all text apart from "Track". It's very important you put in the correct info in this box
3. Then fill in your description of the file. Who created the file, what does it do, etc.
4. Then click "Browse" at the "File to Upload" field. You can then browse your hard disk for the file. Select the file and click "Open".
5. Revise the info once more. You should now be set. Click "Send File"

Sending a file will take a little while, depending on the file size (of course). Do click any links or visit other pages while uploading. After you're done uploading, you will get a message telling you the upload is done and you can freely surf on the Internet again.

Uploading doesn't seem to progress?

Sometimes it will seem like that when you use Internet Explorer (we're not sure about Netscape Navigator). The blue line at the bottom of the screen will not progress after a certain point. Do not do anything about that, it's no problem. Uploading will still continue and eventually you'll get the confirmation message. This is caused by the strange way browsers handle files and not by our programming skills. Cancelling the upload will cause the upload to be removed of the system again. It's absolutely vital for the upload, you don't close your browser screen or do anyting else with it.

I haven't heard from you for more than 24 hours

Don't worry about that. We usually reply pretty soon, but if it's really busy news- and content-wise on the main site, the Downloads section will not be updated as often. Your file will still be added. If you haven't received an e-mail stating your file is up within 48 hours though, then it's time to mail us.


FilePlanet asks me to sign up for something called GameSpy ID?!

One of new features in the FilePlanet downloads system (which host our files) is a system called GameSpy ID. What is GameSpy ID? Here is the handy explanation from the official website:

Your GameSpy ID is a single login that will give you access to all the systems across the GameSpy Network. Everything from posting in the forums to using GameSpy Arcade! That's right, no more trying to remember a dozen different accounts or passwords. We at GameSpy think that's important because every moment you spend fishing around for a forgotten password is a moment you could have spent mocking the poor skillz of fellow GameSpy users online."

The registration system is a key part of the new download scheme on FilePlanet. It is also a key part of the new ForumPlanet forums, GameSpy Arcade, and a dozen other things. This single account will be your backstage pass to the 24/7/365 festival that is the GameSpy Network.

GameSpy initially decided NOT to require GameSpy ID to download files from hosted sites (like High Gear). GameSpy ID should now be fully functional for everyone who meets the system requirements (a Netscape or I.E. browser with java and cookies enabled and the ability to connect to secure https// servers).

Requiring GameSpy ID logins also benefits us from a security standpoint. Without it, some sites were able to directly link to our FTP servers, allowing users to use our bandwidth and grab files from our servers without seeing any of the branding or advertising that is so valuable to us. This helps GameSpy maintain control over their costs, which means that we can continue to offer this free service to you.

Every time I want to download something, I get placed in a FilePlanet queue

This is a new addition to the FilePlanet download system. Unfortunately the server gets extremely busy when the US wakes up and starts browsing the internet and therefore they had to create a queuing system. This system is designed to accomplish three goals:

1. Maintain consistent download speeds. By regulating the number of users
accessing our servers, we portion out bandwidth to maintain reasonable
speeds. Some broadband users think "Hey, I I have 1mbit dsl, I want faster
speeds", well, that would be nice, but it isn't practical for us to dedicate
1mbit of bandwidth for each user.

2. Create a fairer process for accessing files. Before the queuing system,
the most persistent clicker of the browser refresh button would ultimately
"win". That worked well for some people, not so well for many others. The
new queuing system makes it a fair, easy to understand process.

3. Produce over ten pounds of sharp Wisconsin cheddar cheese a day

The biggest complaint we've heard is that people don't like to wait in line to get their files. Lines suck, right? We believe that this system is great because it guarantees that visitors will never get the "page cannot be found" error because of full servers. We've gotten hundreds of positive e-mails from FilePlanet users who appreciate the improved reliability.

FilePlanet is the only site on the 'net to go to such extraordinary measures to help deliver files. Others just let you grapple with overcrowded servers and roll the dice. Nobody else is doing what we're doing!


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