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Fast Break Features

What puts Fast Break apart from the rest is the many unique features. Below is an example of some great features that Fast Break has to offer.

Multiple Options for starting a new league

Fictional players with full league draft creation: This option allows for a draft made up entirely of fictional players. This allows for a more challenging atmosphere since you don't have popular names to set players apart from each other. A great option for someone looking for a little extra difficulty.

Real players with full league draft creation: Here Fast Break allows for real names with full draft creation. This gives you that extra edge of knowing that some people may perform better than other and not having to judge everything strictly on ability.

Real players with default rosters: Take any team to the top. If you would rather skip the draft then this is the option for you.

Default League Customization

Fast Break gives you the ability to change team or player info throughout the default league. This can be done with the detailed Default League Editor in the Tools menu.

Full team and player statistics
Fast Break keeps record of every major statistic category for both players and teams. Each players statistics are saved by year and can be viewed at any time. Any awards that players have won over the years are also saved and can be viewed at any time. Team statistics can be viewed at any time during each season. Team statistics are not saved for every year, however, records in all major categories are saved over the seasons.

Unique team finances
The Fast Break financial philosophy is simple. Team owners are rich enough to spend whatever they want to barring league rules. There are salary cap rules that must be abided by but beyond that you are free to go hog wild. Whatever your team's cap can handle you can bust it. But always be weary of your spending habits, for you may still run into a little financial trouble with no cap room to get more talent.

Great trade AI
No simulation game is complete without the ability to trade. Fast Break trade intelligence has been thoroughly tested to near perfection. The trade artificial intelligence is rough to get around bust rest assured it is still possible to trade for anyone. But you better be willing to give what it takes. Fast Break gives you the ability to trade your draft picks up to three years in advance which opens up so many more possibilities for trading.

Hall of fame
Only the greatest players are good enough to be inducted into the hall of fame. Fast Break keeps a record of all players inducted into the Hall. From there you have the ability to view any awards won by each player over the course of their career, the year they were inducted into the Hall, as well as the ability to view each players statistics for every year of their illustrious career.

In depth free agency
Fast Break features an in depth free agency period. You can use low and mid exception when you're out of cap room. This is a great way to get some quick talent for your team. Watch out though, those computer teams tend to fancy the same players you do.

All-star weekend

Everybody loves the All-star weekend. This is one of the most unique features of Fast Break. The All-star weekend encompasses the Rookie all-star game, the 3-point shootout, the Slam Dunk contest, and the All-star game. It's a wonderful thing to see your star shooting guard tear it up in the 3-point shootout.


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