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Download all the latest patches or optional roster updates right here. Including the 1 season trial version of the only basketball that's sim-ply perfected Fast Break.

Fast Break Basketball 2001:
*For new orders:
Version 2.4.3 (Elicense) Full Download: Site 1 6331kb
*For previous orders:
Version 2.4.3 (Reg. Id) Full Download: Site 1 6331kb
Version 2.4.3 (Reg. Id) Update Patch: Site 1 1106kb
-If you are using a saved game from before version 2.3.6, you must download the save converter below in order to load the game. Otherwise you will get a run-time error '5'.

- Do not install Fast Break Basketball 2001 over a previous version of Fast Break Basketball. It needs to be installed to a new directory of its own.

Save Converter:
Version 2.3.6   Site 1    

To use the save converter:

    1)Extract the files on a computer that has FBB installed.

    2)Place your saved game in the folder where you extracted the save converter.

    3)Run the save converter, highlight your save in the list, and click convert.

    4)The updated save will be placed in the output folder.

Fast Break Basketball 2001 Draft Files:
  Rizz's 2005 Draft File
  Rizz's 2004 Draft File
  Mark Deez's 2004 Draft File
  Honny's 2004 Draft File
  JCMillerTime's 2004 Draft File
  WillC's 2003 Draft File
  Honny's 2003 Draft File
  EasyMac's 2002 Draft File
  Redsoxtra's 2002 Draft File
  OUSooner's 2002 Draft File
  WolvesFan1's 1984 Draft File
  WolvesFan1's 1983 Draft File
  WolvesFan1's 1982 Draft File
  WolvesFan1's 1981 Draft File
-these files are only for use with version 2.1.3 or later.
Fast Break Basketball 2001 Roster Files:
  ReaXan's Mid 2004 Roster File
  2003-04 Roster File (10-24-03)
  Celtic/LilRock's 2003-04 roster file
  WillC's 2003 roster file
  LiLRoCkBaLLa's Mid 2003 roster file
  Honny's 2003 Opening Night save file
  LiLRoCkBaLLa's 2003 Opening Night roster file
  2003 Post Free Agency Roster file
  2003 Post Draft Roster File
  EasyMac's Roster File
  Sony's Roster File
  Nilodor's All-Time Roster File
User Submitted FBB 2001 League Import Files:
  JG's 1984-85 File
  JG's 70's-90's File
  *Contains random stars and duds from the 70's to the 90's
User Submitted Name Files:
  Honny's Name Files
User Submitted FBB 2001 Background Files:
  Hoopz4Life121's Background File
  AftrLifeX's Background File

- To install a background file, place the bg.bmp file in the directory where you installed FBB2001. If you would like to go back to the default background, delete bg.bmp.

Fast Break Basketball 1.19:
  Full Download: Site 1  
  Update Patch: Site 1  


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