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Arcade v1.2 Released!

Just in time for the new year, we bring you some HUGE news: GameSpy Arcade v1.2 is out NOW! Along with a slick new skin and a totally revamped Arcade Daily, this latest version also includes our #1 user-requested new feature: expanded voice chat. Users can now chat in all game staging rooms -- and registered users can continue chatting in-game. -- Spiff

Download GameSpy v1.2

A Sherman in C2?

We couldn't leave for the Christmas holiday without giving you folks some type of gift. This may not be what you were expecting but we think you'll enjoy it. Prior to the release of Commandos 2, among the vehicles to be featured was the famous M4 "Sherman". What ever became of it remains a mystery. But we did create a vehicles page for it along with all the other new vehicles making there debut in C2 for inclusion in our FEATURES-VEHICLES section. However, when we realized that we didn't see it in any of the missions the Sherman page got shelved. That is until now...I hope it's your size.

Merry Christmas from all us here at the Commandos DropZone (CDZ)!

M4 Sherman

Sgt. Fury Issue 02

Commandos it is useless to resist. You are seven doomed men! What does this mean? Read this exciting issue to find out ... NOW MOVE OUT!

Commandos Test

I just got back from visiting the Eidos Commandos forum.   Every time I visit there I find lots of great discussions and sharing of information.   Hmmm...but isn't that the whole idea behind forum?   I scratch my head and ponder that for awhile...OK I'm back.   Xcom has created a 'Commandos Test' designed so you can find out what kind of Commando you really are!   What type of Commando am I?   A sniper...d@#&, how can an ex-Marine be anything but a Marine?   Must be something wrong with this test...     ;-)

Commandos Test
Commandos DropZone Forum

C2 Walkthroughs Online

Back at last, back at last, thank goodness our C2 mission 1 - 6 walkthroughs are back at last! As many of you have noticed (and been irritated by) our C2 mission 1 - 6 walkthroughs have been offline for the past few months. Let me explain the situation. Prior to the release of Commandos 2, we arranged to have our walkthroughs created and hosted by Walkthroughs Due to a variety of reasons walkthroughs for only missions 1 - 6 were created. Thus, our crack staff was obliged to add these walkthroughs to our existing online materials all designed to assist you. Anyway, long story short, we now are hosting all the walkthroughs here in-house on our StrategyPlanet servers. Shortly we will be getting the walkthroughs for the 2 training missions up. But quite frankly if you need a walkthrough for these two you are in deep weeds brother.

Send us your input regarding the walkthroughs. Got a comment, question or suggestion, let's have it, we love hearing from you. And for those who have already taken the time to drop us a line thanks...keep up the good work.

Commandos 2 Walkthroughs



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"Tour of Duty"
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