Character Cards

041 - Cube (Series 1)
(General Nintendo)
Cube's wearing the G Logo shirt.

168 - Carrie (Series 3)
(Super Mario Series)
Carrie's wearing the Toad Print shirt.

270 - Alfonso (Series 4)
(Super Mario Series)
Alfonso's wearing the Big Bro's Shirt.

274 - Louie (Series 4)
(Super Mario Series)
Louie's wearing the Lil Bro's Shirt.

Pattern Cards

D01 - Shine Sprite (Series 1)
(Super Mario Series)
For Shine Sprite pattern.

D02 - Jumpman Mario (Series 1)
(Super Mario Series)
For Jumpman Mario pattern.

D03 - Samus's Suit (Series 2)
(Metroid Series)
For Samus's Suit pattern.

D04 - Pikmin Pattern (Series 2)
(Pikmin Series)
For Pikmin Pattern.

D05 - Star Fox Emblem (Series 2)
(StarFox Series)
For StarFox pattern.

D07 - Hero's Tunic (Series 3)
(Legend of Zelda Series)
For Hero's Tunic pattern.

D08 - Triforce Tile (Series 3)
(Legend of Zelda Series)
For Triforce Tile.

D09 - Kirby Wallpaper (Series 3)
(Kirby Series)
For Kirby Wallpaper.

D11 - Yoshi's Egg (Series 4)
(Super Mario Series)
For Yoshi's Egg pattern.

D12 - Poké Ball (Series 4)
(Pokémon Series)
For Poké Ball wall.

D13 - Li'l Miser Shirt (Series 4)
(Wario Series)
For Lil Miser Shirt.

NES Game Cards

N01 - Ice Climber (Series 4)
(Ice Clibers Series)
For Ice Climbers game.

N02 - Mario Bros. (Series 4)
(Super Mario Series)
For Mario Bros. game.

Promotional Cards

PR02 - NES Link (Series 1)
(Legend of Zelda Series)
For NES Link pattern.

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