Animal Crossing
(aka: Doubutsu no Mori +, Doubutsu no Mori e+)

Release (Japan) - 12/14/01
Release (USA) - 9/16/02
Release (Japan e+) - 6/27/03
Release (Australia) - 10/17/03
Release (Europe) - 8/24/04

Developed By - EAD, Nintendo
Published By - Nintendo Co., Ltd
System - Nintendo GameCube

Compleate guide to Animal Crossing covering the basics, home and town maintenace, and interacting with other Animal Crossing players.

NES Games
All of the NES games available in Animal Crossing, how to play them, and how to find them.

A list of all the cameos from other Nintendo series found in Animal Crossing.

Character Images
Images of all the animals and other characters in Animal Crossing.

Product Images
Images of all the Animal Crossing related toys, dolls, figures, and other products.

Game clips, trailers, commercials, and other movies from Animal Crossing.

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