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Editorial : Get the Mad Spin!!

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Message Board Issues

There once was a 3 year old named RandX and he couldn't stop being a jerk, so I decided to strike up an agreement with my good friend Joey over at

Now, thanks to Joey, we will be able to use his forum as our own and avoid the annoying popup adds, AND jerks like RandX.



  2/05/02 ~ TheMadSpin

Nope, I'm not Dead...

I've just been playing Final Fantasy X!

Well, a happy, yet very belated, New Year to each of you.

I've been really busy trying to deal with my real life lately and I feel bad that the site has suffered. Due to the actions of a very immature, and malicious poster on the forums I felt compelled to take the time to update everyone. He has been reported to EZboard Legal, but when they've had a chance to look over the evidence I will move it.

Don't you folks worry. We still have stuff planned, but I have to gain control of my life first and then I'll be able to post more. Oh, and if you see Randx on the street... kick him in the crotch. Thanks!


  1/19/02 ~ TheMadSpin

A New Editorial!

Well, it seems that what we have here is an update.

I've added a MadSpin on Friday the 13th that you can find in the game section, or you can just click HERE.

I've also added a reprint, and slight rework, of an article I wrote called, "Was America Ready?"

It can be found by clicking the little editorial link next to the Gameboy up there.

I'm a really busy man of late, so I'm not as dilligent as I would like to be. I'm still working on this place for you though. I'm just looking for a place to live, searching out new jobs, spending time with family(it is the holiday season after all), and trying not to go nuts.

You all understand, right?

Keep the faith WWNBF fans, because we're still fighting the fight!

Oh, I just had to change that Pic of the Day. It will soon be renamed, Pic of the Moment, but for now, I will use an award we here at WWNBF were given from The NES Temple for the spot, just to see something new. Congratulations to us!!


  12/16/01 ~ TheMadSpin

Visit the Forums!!

Hey everyone! I've had a busy week or so since the last update, and I'm going to try and update on weekends from now on.

My fiencee gets back into town this weekend after a long trip to London. She was there to study abroad, and now thankfully, she's done.

I'm currently working on that contest idea and I hope to have one each month. For this month however I haven't come up with one. I hope to have it ready for Christmas morning, but no promises. At the moment I'm looking for a new apartment, and perhaps even a new job depending on where that apartment is located.

I'm working on an editorial so that I can finally have one of my own on the page. I'm also going to add a reprint of an article that appeared on back in the day. I know our following here at WWNBF isn't that strong right now, but I hope people keep coming by. I would also like to encourage you all to visit the forums. Nothing draws more people to a site than a strong sense of community. As always, get in touch with me if you have any suggestions or questions.

  12/09/01 ~ TheMadSpin

About the WWNBF

Remember the good ol's days of the NES? Well, we do, and we want to see it make a come back too. In case you couldn't tell, WWNBF is made of a bunch of 8-bit freaks who still play on there NES's or at least a good NES emulator. This foundation has 2 primary goals. One is to get as many signatures to our petition as possible to let Nintendo know that there is still a market for the NES. The second is to let other gamers know that there actually is a NES community and our favorite console is still alive and kicken.

Lately we've become our own little NES community here. We have a fairly active message board, and a chat room that hasn't quite gotten off the ground yet, but it's always there for you to go to. You couldn't even imaging how much a small NES site like our enjoys reader interaction, so go and interact.

If you would like to help us first off, sign our petition right away! Also, we are almost always looking for more staff to help maintain the site so feel free to ask. And if you can't make staff, you can always send us stuff that you think would go nicely on our site.



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