The Mad Spin On:
           Friday the 13th

Ok, so there are these 8 Kids...
As far as I can tell (I don't have the Manual for this one) you play the role of three camp counselors who have to rescue five kids and kill Jason and for some reason light some fireplaces with a torch. Forgive me if it seems that I don't know exactly what I'm talking about because that is certainly the case. I couldn't stomach the game long enough to figure it out. It's that bad. I hadn't played it in a long time and I think I understood it more when I was a little kid then I do now. Maybe that's because I expect some substance from my games that I didn't back then. None the less I know enough about the game to know that it isn't very good. Usually a game has enough substance to allow you to understand the plot, but this one comes without an in game introduction or any direction. If you don't have a manual you're winging it.

What's the deal with Jason?
Ok, in the game the designers obviously assume you've seen the movies, because they don't bother to flesh out the characters or plot at all. In fact all you really get in variation are different character strengths and weaknesses such as speed or jumping ability. Not only that but I only saw two different enemies in over an hour of playing time. I fought some female zombie things that respawned like mad and Jason the big bad momma's boy. Maybe I was just missing out on the nuances of the game and if I did please email me at to tell me. OK, here's one of my biggest issues. I would go to the blinking house and save the kid. Then Jason would be there. That's fine, but Jason is almost impossible to beat. Now I'm sure a mad NES player that was a runner up in the NWC would call me a pansy for saying that, but I think Jason is crazy, hard to beat. I've done it, but you have to do it after every child you save and I've never really had the urge to save more than one child.

Service with a smile
Ok, has anyone else played this game? If you look very carefully at the counselors faces you will notice something. They all have the stupidest grins on their face. Those five little guys who you're supposed to save are all pouting pretty badly, but your "heroes" are all just grinning like there's not a raging, undead, psychopath with an Ediphus complex on the loose. You know what else I want to know? On the Camp Crystal Lake map where is the road that leads to town? No offense, but if Jason is hanging out in one house then let's get out of here and let that one kid take one for the team. Another thing. I go and save a kid, the timer still ticks down. I know that Jason is in the house with me a kid dies WHO KILLED THE KID? Why can't I keep an eye on Jason and let the other two save the kids? Are they the ones killing the other kids? UGH, I don't know

License to ill
Well movies to games have never gone smoothly, so I guess we couldn't expect much, this title was really a letdown. The game doesn't entirely look like crap, but just because it doesn't look bad doesn't mean it looks right. They didn't even bother to capture the essence of horror. The scenery is mostly bright and the counselors have those stupid grins. Even Jason just moves in a silly predictable pattern. This game is as close to scary as Fried Green Tomatoes. (JO PLEASE FIND A LINK LOL) The music has none of the "murder, kill, kill ch, ch, ch" stuff from the movies and I have to say I felt like I was playing a bad version of Goonies II sometimes.

Bottom Line
Someone should take this cart and stab it a few times, pop off a few rounds, set it on fire, chain it to a cinder block and let it sink to the bottom of a lake. Hopefully it will never get free for a sequel.




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