Turbulent Vixen

Marital Status:
Birth Date:
August 21,1969    
Favorite Pool Games:
VP3 = Vip 9, Vip 8, 9-ball, 8-ball, Snooker
Real Felt = 8-ball
Favorite Color:
Green, n  Black                  
Music - Rock n Roll




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Music - Rock n Roll laid down by the finest!__Pickin N Grinnin...all the Greatest-   Licks, Riff's n Leads...And Then Some Too! ;o))__ Judas Priest- All TimeFavorite_

_Naming that tune..in(2 sec)__Hearing N Getting Turned onto New Rock, Bangin' On some drums..at Music Stores N Paying a well- needed visit to Guitar Tech! .... N' Last but not Least!  CRANKING IT UP!

Pool   -  Shooting a mean game of pool....Tearing up the Table!!  NOT LITERALLY (no felt tears on my behalf!)
Although, NowAdays most of my shooting - is here...On This WindowTo  The
World....My Reputation Still Stands Firm And NoOne is ever denied My Game.

Cars   -   Messing with cars and tinkering around! 
And,       Working out in the Yard!         



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