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Jonny (not Joanna!)
Marital Status:
Single (By Choice, honestly)
Birth Date:
10th July 1981 << so old
Favorite Pool Games:
9 Ball, Cowboy, Snooker
Favorite Color:
Tennis (Lobbing the ball high into the air so my friend with glasses
finds his retina burning via sun ray magnafacation!), watching how people behave after eating McChicken sandwiches..., huge snooker and pool fan also :D




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I come from north ireland, studying at university for a
Masters in Mathematics, how exciting!, into all things sporty, darts, table
tennis, tiddly winks, you name it, i like it! :), Huge hoarder of music, my
greatest passion, big on horror films and the supernatural. Happy TD here now
for a few months, and a long time friend to Virtual Pool!

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