Overlord Stu

Overlord Stu
Marital Status:
Single (again!)
Birth Date:
November 13, 1978
United Kingdom (England)
Favorite Pool Games:
8 ball pub, Bowliards, 9 ball, snooker
Favorite Color:
VP3, Computers, Socialising, real pool, tenpin bowling




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Born in the wastelands of Royal Berkshire, I was forced to get an education and the kicked out my house at working age.  I migrated to Milton Keynes in 1999 and never looked back (apart from weekends and the ocassional holiday back to Newbury).  Nowadays I while away my life toying with web-site design, marketing for my employer and playing VP3.  Always up for a tournament or VIP you'll find me online between 6 and 2am GMT.  Take it easy and I'll catch you about :)


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