Marital Status:
Birth Date:
June 23, 1973
Favorite Pool Games:
9 ball, straight pool, 10 ball
Favorite Color:
Computers and listening to music




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I started playing pool at the age of 8, my older brother taught me how to hold the pool cue and I took it from there. I have been playing pool for 21 years, emagine this after 21 years of playing, I still suck at the game, and I think that my Virtual Pool 3 playing capabilities proves that J. Lately I have been working on my 2 websites and my friends buisness web site, but his site still needs a lot of work J. I also love working on computers as well as building and repairing them. I have been involved with computers for 6 years now, and to this day they still fascinate me. The one thing that I love doing on my computer is burning audio CDís from mp3 files. I help a friend of mine out with the computers, he owns his own shop. I help a friend of mine out with his cleaning business 1 or 2 days a week.

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