Rockman Battle & Fighters
Screenshots, at last (thanks to Gameplayers HK!). Though, images are about all that's available on this long speculated title from Capcom. Basically, what's known so far is that the game will be a combo of the two (rather obscure) Megaman fighting games released in Arcades around 1996~1997 (which, for those who are unaware, aren't exactly fighting games in the purest sense of the word. Imagine skipping directly to a boss battle in any Megaman game, and you've got the concept behind these). Could be hot!

Metal Slug: 2nd Mission
Over the weekend, Torture whipped out the current issue of Neo Geo Freak magazine and grabbed some scans of the Metal Slug: 2nd Mission Level Path chart and Character Rank chart, so have a look: [Path chart] [Rank chart]

Hardshells have RETURNED!
Today NCS made a rather noteworthy addition to their inventory - Asian versions of Cotton and Coolboarders Pocket. Not only have the titles been virtually impossible to find in the US until now, but these are actually packed in hard cases, proving that SNK has not completely done away with the luxurious black plastic we all know and love.

Future Releases
SNK recently revised their Japanese release schedule, the Coming Soon section has been updated as well. No major changes were made, though some dates have been added. We've been able to translate about 98% of the list, though we're still stuck on a few titles and will try to update with correct names/developers later. Though we're still not listing them in the Coming Soon section, SNK has added more titles to its NGP Best Collection. This time, Card Clash SNK & Capcom will get the re-release treatment on August 3rd for the attractive price of ¥2,800 (about $25).

New Scan
The spine of the March 1999 issue of Neo Geo Freak was once again broken over the scanner to capture the glory of the "I'm Not Boy" launch campaign. Click Here to check it out!

E3 Photos
Care to see what SNK's E3 booth was like this year? Kent Keltner has provided two shots from the floor - [1] [2] - nifty...though eerily unpopulated.

Old Ads Revisited
substance J was able to dig up the original "Not Boy" NGPC launch ad in an old issue of Neo Geo Freak magaine, and has scanned it for the Omake section. You can also check out the goofiness by simply clicking Here

The Links section has been updated a few backlogged link additions, such as NGP World and Neo Geo Pocket Power.

E3 Promos
Finally some more news (of sorts) out of E3. Check out the links below for scans of some documents and promotional items from SNK's booth. A huge thanks go out to Kent Keltner, who hauled these and other wonderful goodies back for us to scan, since SJ was unable to attend the show this year (and on a side note, Kent says that SNK's booth was far better this year than last).

Data Sheets

  • Dynamite Slugger - [Front] [Back]
  • Faselei! - [Front] [Back]
  • The Last Blade - [Front] [Back]
  • System/Accessory Info - [Front] [Fold out]

    Promo Items

  • P-logo 'Antenna Ball'
  • NGPC Keychain
  • Stuffed Animal (!!)

    Exclusive Pre-E3 Info!
    On the eve of E3, America's largest and most important gaming expo of the year, we've gotten a hold of some very choice info from SNK regarding upcoming titles and accessories. This fall is going to be big! Check out the official blurbs below:

    MP3 Player - Fall 2000 - The size of a standard cartridge for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, SNK’s MP3 player will allow users to download their favorite songs off the Internet. Then they can take a break from Pocket gaming to plug in their headphones and listen to their favorite sounds in stereo.

    Dynamite Slugger - May 2000 - "Dynamite Slugger" brings America’s favorite pastime onto the world stage as 28 international teams vie for global baseball supremacy. Players can choose their country, name their players and customize their lineup in their quest to become the world’s best.

    The Last Blade - Beyond the Destiny - June 2000 - Since ancient times, the portal between good and evil has been sealed by four deities. Now, the seal is about to be broken. Choose your hero and fight to stop impending doom in this conversion of the popular arcade game, complete with one player story and survival modes, head-to-head battles and mini-games such as "Home Run Derby."

    Faselei - June 2000 - "Faselei," the new adventure RPG for the NeoGeo Pocket Color, is set 100 years in the future. At this time, wars are fought by a new breed of foot soldier. These mechanized destroyers, known as Toy Soldiers, are used both to create and thwart revolutions. Instead of turn-based attacks, players use "computer chips" to program their Toy Soldier’s next few moves, anticipating what the enemy will do next.

    Neo Baccarat - Summer 2000 - The next installment in SNK’s casino series, this title puts a Baccarat table right in your hands.

    Pocket Reversi - Summer 2000 - Similar to "Othello," "Pocket Reversi" tests your problem solving skills and ability to think ahead.

    Picture Puzzle - Summer 2000 - Utilize the clues surrounding the grid to know which squares to fill in, and which to leave blank. This puzzle game will feature more than 200 levels for portable artists to shade in.

    Cotton - Fall 2000 - SNK is bringing the portable version of the classic Japanese series to the NGPC. This side-scrolling shooter features a witch on a broomstick using her magic spells to destroy a myriad of enemies.

    Evolution - Fall 2000 - Licensed from Ubi Soft, SNK is creating an all new installment of the popular RPG series for the NeoGeo Pocket Color later this year.

    US Wrestling - Fall 2000 - The squared circle comes to your fingertips when SNK releases this grappler.

    Cool Boarders Pocket - Fall 2000 - Choose from either of two "Cool Boarders" to shred down the slopes in SNK’s answer to the dog days of summer. "Cool Boarders" uses an isometric perspective to allow the characters to catch some "phat" air as they make their way downhill.

    Cool Cool Jam - Fall 2000 - This hip-hop dance adventure will be based on SNK’s anticipated Dreamcast release, "Cool Cool Toon," and plans to make use of the NGPC/DC link cable.

    Biomotor Unitron 2 - Fall 2000 - "Biomotor Unitron" was SNK’s answer to Pokemon, challenging players to build up their Unitron robots and take the battles to the arena to achieve the title of Master of Masters. "Biomotor Unitron 2" offers more worlds to explore, with more levels, and new arms and materials to use for Unitron upgrades in a quest to rule the planet of Tardiss.

    Overall, this year's lineup presented at E3 is looking very slick. One has to wonder why some of the release dates are so far off, though. For example, Cool Boarders Pocket has been out in Japan since February, and is completely in English, so a Fall release seems a bit extraneous (also, on the subject of Cool Boarders Pocket, we wonder if a name change might be made before its US release. Sega was forced to do it with Cool Boarders Burrrn, after all). To take a look at the full press releases, click Here and Here. We hope to have additional info and media as the show continues, so check back soon for more!

    Software Status
    The Coming Soon and Software Info pages have both been updated to reflect recent (and not so recent) releases and so forth. Though we're not listing them, SNK of Japan is re-launching older games for a new "NGP Best Collection" (ala KOF R-2). Titles in this budget line include Fatal Fury: First Contact, Samurai Spirits! 2, and Metal Slug: 1st Mission. All 3 will be released on July 20th for ¥2500 (about $23) a pop.

    Unholy Accessories
    It had to happen sooner or later - Bung NGPC Flash Cards and accessories, to satisfy your deep, dark, Pirating soul. The Flash Cards, available in 32 and 16 Megabit varieties, sell for around $90 and $60, respectively (rather costly considering a legit 32 Megabit copy of MotM can be had for $35. They are also physically incompatible with the Wireless Link, as their design demonstrates). Meanwhile, the required Flash Link runs around $40...and sports a flashy Gundam Wing box cover! Aparently, the Wing 0 and questionable gaming habits go hand in hand. Hmmm...

    Thanks to Kent Keltner for the info.

    Other Bits
    The News from the month of April has been lovingly archived for later viewing. Speaking of News...there certainly hasn't been much lately. Hopefully things will pick up after E3, and Faselei will make it out soon. Good thing we've all (hopefully) got Dive Alert to last us.

    SNK has just released new images of ADK's Dynamite Slugger, the follow up to last year's little-known Professional Baseball (which is referred to by those lucky enough to own it as a far superior game to Baseball Stars). The graphics look to have been bumped up a notch, and hopefully similar bonus features will remain in place (Professional Baseball allowed you to play as Haomaru from Samurai Shodown!, as well as other SNK characters). Dynamite Slugger will be released in Japan on May 25th, and is planned for a US release shortly after.