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Jason "Sabin" Pillock ::.
    Site Director, Site Founder, News Director and Content Developer
By far, Sabin has been a tireless-avid fan of Relic Entertainment's work over the years, which eventually led to his newfound devotion for "Impossible Creatures", formerly dubbed "Sigma: The Adventures of Rex Chance". He also aspires to work in the game industry, but till that day he finds himself working happily on ICCenter and site design. His hobbies include gaming, movies, site design, and chatting with game developers.
dmille ::.
    Site Co-Director, Site Co-Founder, and Content Developer
Chris "CeeJayOz" Johnson ::.
    Site Co-Director, Site Co-Founder, and Forum Tech
CeeJayOz is an incoming student at the University of Rochester as well as a freelance web designer. Ceejay (or as he prefers to be called, Mr. Wonderful :-) is currently the administrator of our forums as well as one of the administrators (and scripters) of Homeworld Universe. Ceejay enjoys biology, gaming, and hiding from his annoying brother, deejayoz.
Donovan "Rage" Kirk-Burnnand ::.
    News Correspondent
Rage is a young Australian who has been interested in computers since he was 4. He's matured from playing space invaders and has been keenly watching the actions of Sigma since mid 2000. He would like to join the game industry in one way or another and am waiting for the chance while trudging through high school with flying colors. His hobbies are Skateboarding, computers, hockey (grass), and chilling with friends.
Brian "Thanatos" May ::.
    Fiction Director
He's a quiet guy (Until you get to know him in real life), fairly reserved, and an avid writer. He hopes to one day go off to college to pursue a career in the field of computer science. Not much can be said for him; simply that he loves writing Sci-Fi fiction and enjoys computer science. A good deal of his free time is spent writing, whether it is for his friends, school or otherwise, he'd rather be writing than doing almost anything else.
Edward "Aquarius" Godbois ::.
    Forums Moderator and Content Developer
Aquarius is a rather new face in the Relic community, just sliding over the one year mark with the new year. He was first hooked on Relic's work way back in 1999, with the Game of the Year award winning Homeworld entered his life. After sometime in the closet, he learned of Barking Dog's Homeworld: Cataclysm in January. Then decided to get involved in the community that formed around such great games. He avidly waits for the release of iC. He enjoys gaming, writing, reading, science fiction, and computer hardware.
Tyler "Changeling" Holloway ::.
    Forums Moderator and Content Developer
Changeling first joined the Relic community back in early '99, being drawn to Relic's game of the year, Homeworld. He was named in the 'top ten best Homeworld: Cataclysm players' multiple times, and is awaiting Relic's next two titles: Impossible Creatures and Homeworld 2. Changeling enjoys writing, reading, blowin' @#$% up, gaming, and basketball.

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March 21st, 2002
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