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Do you have what it takes?
We know that you're dying to have your site hosted by Strategy Planet, but there are a few things that you better ask yourself first...

Can you handle all the traffic? Do you really want thousands of people seeing YOUR site every day? Do you really want all the benefits listed below to help you develop and maintain your site? Do you have the dedication and drive it takes to be part of the Strategy Planet family?

If you answered "Of course I do!!!", and I hope you did, then proceed down the page to learn about all the great benefits of being hosted by Strategy Planet.

What can we do for you?
While the possibilities of our assistance are probably endless, here are some of the great services that are already in place, so that we may provide them for you practically on a moment’s notice!
File and FTP Space
These are games we are talking about. To show your visitors all those juicy full color screenshots, to allow them to download all the latest patches, and to make use of the newest technology in web programming you can’t be hampered by a lack in server space. We aren't going to provide you with 5 megabytes of space that REALLY cramps your style. We have drives and drives and drives and drives.. (Ed Note. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by all the space…Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths). Well you get the picture. We have space for everything you need to put on your site. We even have a super duper automated file system that will up your big downloads to all the mirrors including and others all around the world!
We've got more than you can shake a stick at. I guess that means that we have high speed data connections to the Internet that will be upgraded anytime the guys at the office start worrying that they aren't the lowest of the LPB's in every game. Rest assured your pages will always be served faster than a McDonald’s Extra Value Meal.
Promotions and Banners
If politicians were smart they would have banners floating around on the PlanetQuake network’s ad banner system. Do you know how many people see these things? Just give us a banner to throw into the rotation and we will be driving people to your site like lemmings to the ocean. Of course I would suspect that the visitors will be a lot happier than the lemmings once they get there. What are we asking in return? Its simple, just place the ad banner code on your page in a prominent spot and help other sites get the attention that you are already getting? Its like back in Biology 101, a symbiotic relationship, what a beautiful thing!
Email and Mailing Lists
How can you keep all that mail from dedicated followers of your site from getting mixed in with your grandmother’s e-mails about her latest corns on her toes? Why a Strategy Planet e-mail address of course! We can set up one, or several e-mail addresses in the form Nothing will impress the visitors to your site like a Strategy Planet e-mail. Not only that, we can set up specialized e-mails for news, polls, or other staff members. There is even a mailing list system for great e-mail discussions, which can be administered through a simple web based form.
Forums and IRC support
What’s the best part of today’s Web? Interactivity! We can set up online forums for you with simple Web Administration so that you can watch over the intense debates about the best games, the worst games, the latest developments in the game you are following, whatever strikes the fancy of the netizens that frequent your forum! There is nothing like an IRC chat with the makers of the game you are following to stir up interest in your fan base. Strategy Planet and PlanetQuake are affiliated with the 3Dnet IRC network. Just jump on a 3Dnet server, join a channel, and you are rocking! Not sure what to do? E-Mail us and we can help you out with IRC and even help you set up an IRC chat session.
Web Coding
If your coding skills go beyond HTML we can surely help you out with implementing the newer technologies into your site. We even have some code libraries that you can plug right into your site! Just contact us for details.
News/Headline System
We’re not interested in burying your site in a subdirectory and forgetting about you forever. We have a news and headline system that will allow you to update in a matter of seconds and even place your Headlines on the main page at Strategy Planet. What better way is there to drive visitors to your site then an enticing tidbit right on our front page that takes them to you with a simple click!
OK, what's the catch?
We really aren't asking much in contrast to the great features we described above, but we do need a few things from you...
Content, content, content! It is what makes the web today. The more relevant content that you have, the better! We want to be the most informative group of Strategy sites out there and we need your help! We want your page to be the most comprehensive site out there for your particular subject. Its not hard, it just takes determination and dedication. Believe us, people appreciate a great site, and with some hard work the rewards are well worth it!
As a member of the Strategy Planet family we aren't going to ask for 7 years of indentured service, but we do want some commitments in form of frequent updating. We understand that some days there is just nothing new to post or change. But, let’s face it, if a site never changes there is no reason to go back. We understand that sites sometimes die out. In these cases we will just have to shut it down. If you come up with something new we would love to have you back, but there is no sense riding a dead horse.
I said it before and I'll say it again, the banners are key. We will put your banner in the ad rotation but we do ask you to put the ad banner code in a prominent position on your site. If you have any problems with the code or aren't sure what to do, just let us know.
So why haven't we scared you off?
Well, if you have read this far and you are still ready to become part of the Strategy Planet team, great! We would love to welcome you on board. Just e-mail our hosting staff and we will be contacting you shortly.

You should also include a URL to where your site is currently residing. If its not on the web yet we may have you zip it up and show it to us, but please don’t send zip’s unless we ask for them. It would be better if you can temporarily place your site on a free hosting service like Geocities. Everything is in your hands now, so hop to it and send us your e-mails!

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