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The ICCenter Mailbag is a weekly gathering of all the great stuff and interesting e-mails we get over here, as we usually respond to them. The mailbag topic that is our main attraction where you the readers can post feedback on the most whacked out questions we can think up of.

Mailbag Topic

"The new look of Sigma Center, now dubbed Impossible Creatures Center is now here. So we just have to know what you think about it and the future of ICCenter?" Mail in your feedback!

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March 21st, 2002
New IC Screenshots
March 19th, 2002
Screenshots section greatly updated
March 18th, 2002
Links section updated
February 4th, 2002
ICC Fiction Contest added
February 4th, 2002
New section devoted to IC contests
February 2nd, 2002
We've done some revisions to our links section

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