By Lasse Jensen

Last updated 29 April 2002

Artillery, Towed, 1870-1945,- used in World War II

You wanna help? if so you are very welcome. 
A couple of points though:
1) No matter how accurate data you might have for a gun, if no picture can be provide, it DOES NOT exist! That is my basic policy. If no picture can be provided I don't add any data for whatever gun.
2) Try to get several sources to confirm whatever data you have about a gun. I want to make this a accurate as possible.

Currently there is many guns only listed by name, e.g not a working link. All guns I have listed I have a least a picture of, many of them data too. I will keep on adding them one by one and eventual get them all. That however should not keep you from sending me info or new pictures of models already mentioned. I am ALWAYS looking for better info and pictures. So send away anything you have.

Argentina India Switzerland
 Austria Italy Turkey
Australia Japan United Kingdom
Belgium Mexico United States
Bulgarian Netherlands Yugoslavia
Brazil New Zealand
Canada Norway
Czechoslovakia Poland
Denmark Portugal
France Romania
Finland Russia
Germany South Africa
German Captured Spanish Nationalist
Greece Spanish Republican
Hungary Sweden


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