A Next Metal Gear Is…[K]

It appears a new flash site has gone up on Konami’s K.P.’s website. The site is nothing more than the Konami logo fading into the above image with text that reads "A Next Metal Gear Is…" with the symbols referring to..? Kotaku speculates  Since there is an "i" and an upside down "i." Does that first "i" refer to the "iPhone?" Apple’s products appear throughout the last Metal Gear Solid. Better yet, the "i" could refer to the "DSi" or even the "Wii" they think.

One more significant point is the fact the the url for this new site contains "mgst" which could refer to really anything but more likely to what the game is actually called. You’re guess is as good as mine. More to come I’m sure.

A Next Metal Gear Is…

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