The following is a list of known issues (with any known workarounds) with MoonBase Commander v1.1 (get the v1.1 update if you haven't yet).  If you've discovered a new issue or a new solution to a known issue, please let me know.
You can also try the official MBC support page for further help.

The game running slowly.




Make sure you're playing in full-screen DirectX mode (shift-F5 to toggle).
Try low music quality or turn music off completely (by sliding the music volume all the way down) on the options screen.

Stuttering sound while playing.

Make sure you've got the latest drivers for your soundcard.
Try low music quality or turn music off (as in "The game running slowly." issue above).
Edit hegames.ini (usually located in your Windows or WinNT folder), adding the line "MilesDigital=2" to the "[MoonBase]" section.
Check the v1.1 update details for further help with this problem in v1.1.

No multiplayer games listed.

The in-game multiplayer hosting and joining is for LAN games only.  You won't see internet games listed there.  You need GameSpy Arcade to find people to play with.  Or, if you've got people to play with, you can try Zauron's MoonBaseIP, which allows direct-connect games.

Playing through a firewall.

Reading this thread carefully could help.

Playing through a router.

If you're trying to play through a router then you should set your computer (somewhere in your router's setup) to be the DMZ.  This will expose your computer to the internet (all ports will be routed to your computer by default) so that your router no longer provides any sort of protection for your computer, and that will let you join and play MBC games without trouble.  You might still experience problems if you host games, however (try it though, because you might not).  You may also see the odd duplicate chat message in-game, but that won't cause any problems.



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