June, 2002

Monday, June 24, 2002

Multiplayer impressions
- 22:35 EST
I wasn't going to say anything more about the beta until I had a more complete preview ready, but it's taking me forever to find the time to finish that, and after playing multiplayer I just had to drop a few words...
I had a couple of buddies over Saturday afternoon to give multiplayer MBC a try.  Normally when we're all together we'll always play a little Soul Calibur and Super Monkey Ball, but we ended up playing just MBC for nearly 12 hours straight.  Ya, we likes.
It's an incredibly well-tuned strategy game with a great balance between attack and defense and resources and unit costs.  And the fact the you do all the shooting yourself makes it that much sweeter.  As much as I liked the game based on the single player alone, I like it much more now that I've tried the multiplayer.  That's where the game truly shines.
Once the game is release we hope to see you all in GameSpy Arcade for lots of 2v2!
Friday, June 21, 2002

Initial impressions
- 13:10 EST
There's already plenty of information out there about how the game works, so I'm not going to repeat all of that here (though I might in a full preview later).  These are just a few thoughts I had after playing a beta for a little bit...
• First of all, the game really is great.  The gameplay is something new and unique, and most importantly it's fun.  It's simple compared to most strategy games, but there's also some serious strategic depth to it.  And since the game mechanics are so unique, so are the strategies, which makes it an incredibly refreshing game to play.
• The game looks beautiful.  The sprites and terrain have been rendered perfectly, and all of the effects (animations, explosions, etc) look very good.
• The sound effects are well done and go really well with the game, as does the dynamic music.  The music reminds me of Military Madness (that's a good thing).  It knows its place and fits it well.
• The fact that the maps wrap around is sweet :)
Watch for a more complete preview here in coming days.
Monday, June 17, 2002

Guide + internet game launcher
- 15:29 EST
Zauron, a beta tester for MoonBase Commander, sent word of his wonderful MoonBase Commander FAQ (at his home page) which is loaded with great information.  It includes his own review of the game, a description of the game play structure and controls, a detailed guide to all 18 units, and some tips for the challenge mode.  It makes great preview material for those of us who are interested and it'll be a valuable resource once we all have our hands on the game.
At Zauron's home page you'll also find a handy MoonBase Commander Direct TCP/IP game launcher that he made, which will be great for playing multiplayer games with friends (as it'll save us from messing around with GameSpy unnecessarily).
Thanks for the great stuff Zauron!
Saturday, June 15, 2002

Slightly delayed
- 19:32 EST
A few online retailers have changed the game's shipping date to July 30th (the original shipping date was June 26th).
Some new info - 19:27 EST
Chewie, who mentions in this thread that he's an artist working on the game, replied to a post with some new info about the game...

The game plays at 640x480.
The units are prerendered sprites, but interact in a true 3D environment, so collision detection works and terrain height is a factor.
The game is designed so that one guy with a crappy machine with a slow connection can play a guy with a fast machine and connection without either person suffering. The game has enough eye candy to satisfy, but the focus is on gameplay, not seeing how far we can push the latest graphics cards.
Friday, June 14, 2002

- 12:10 EST
Hello all and welcome to MoonBase Command Center!  This site is dedicated to the upcoming game MoonBase Commander™ being developed by Humongous Entertainment and published by Infogrames.  If you don't know anything about the game then check out GameSpy's preview and their wonderfully in depth interview with Rhett Mathis (lead game designer).  Tycho over at Penny Arcade also had some nice things to say about the game.  For links to more info and screenshots check the Previews section.

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