August, 2002

Saturday, August 31, 2002
Zauron's FAQ updated, now complete!
- 03:15 EST
Zauron's great MoonBase Commander FAQ has been updated...
0.9 - (8/30/2) The last Challenge Level tips are done. Proofread and fixed typos and such. This means the guide is now complete! I still have .1 version numbers remaining before 1.0, but I will save it just in case I find a mistake or new piece of information or something somewhere down the road. For now though, I consider this guide a 100% complete guide to Moonbase Commander. Yay!
If you haven't yet read it, you really should now.
Friday, August 30, 2002
New custom map. - 20:39 EST
scott77's A Pirate's Booty, a new custom map, is available.  If you like custom maps you should be keeping an eye on the Mapping forum.
MBC wallpapers and more... - 20:30 EST
I won't normally be telling you everytime another MBC site is updated, but DeWulf Industrial has just gone through a pretty hefty update that you don't want to miss.
Thursday, August 29, 2002
GameSpy review. - 22:46 EST
GameSpy put up their MoonBase Commander review today and they gave it a "Good" 72, saying that it might be just a bit too simple.
MoonbaseIP update. - 15:27 EST
Zauron's handy MoonbaseIP utility has been updated...
8/28/2 - MoonbaseIP has been updated one last time to fix a minor bug where continuous use would make your Moonbase.ini file look messed up (but it would still work okay). This new version will not only prevent this from happening but it will fix any messed up .ini files the first time you launch Moonbase Commander with it (or just choose Exit from the File menu to have it fix the .ini file without launching the game).
Wednesday, August 28, 2002
Map attack! - 21:06 EST
Got a bunch of news maps here.  You might notice that they're missing descriptions and pics on the files page, so here's the deal: if you want your map to appear there with a description and pic just send 'em to me along with the map (unless the map's already there, of course).
By BPLlama: and
By jonthegm: and
By Killdrath:
By Ravage:,,, and
More firewall/router help. - 18:56 EST
If you're still having any kind of firewall/router trouble, reading this thread carefully is highly recommended.
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
IGN review. - 13:09 EST
IGN put a MoonBase Commander review yesterday.  The reviewer was pleasantly surprised by the game.  It's a good review too.

Zauron's FAQ update.
- 02:39 EST
Zauron's great MoonBase Commander FAQ has been updated...
0.8 - (8/26/2) Added System 7's Challenge Levels tips. Also added info on getting replays showing how to beat the challenge mode levels from my website. This thing is about 90% done now!
Sunday, August 25, 2002
Someone doesn't like it. - 21:05 EST
Gamer's Hell has a MoonBase Commander review up, and the reviewer didn't like it.  The readers there seem to think it's a pretty good game though.  Head over and submit your own reader rating.

New map.
- 18:49 EST
Org_Land_01, a new medium-sized map by Org, is available.
And the MBC t-shirt goes to... - 13:19 EST
Congratulations to Mourning Zero, the winner of yesterday's newbie tournament!
And thanks to Onveric for organizing the tournament.  It sounds like it went really well.
Saturday, August 24, 2002
It's almost newbie tournament time! - 13:13 EST
Remember, Onveric's newbie tournament starts today at 4pm EST (1pm PST).  Please meet up with everyone early in either GameSpy's MBC room or #MoonBaseCommandCenter on  Onveric posted a small update last night with a few more details, so check that out.
Friday, August 23, 2002
IGN Insider article. - 14:40 EST
IGN Insider put up a little article about MoonBase Commander yesterday.  It's almost confusing to read first thing after you wake up, but I get the impression that they like the game, and though they seem to think it's best for children and not-so-hardcore gamers, we know better.  We also know that it's out now, not in the Fall, and is good for 4 players, not just 2 :)
Thursday, August 22, 2002
Newbie tournament update. - 19:50 EST
Onveric has posted a newbie tournament update, breaking in the new forums.  Important to note is that you have to register with Onveric by midnight PST tomorrow to have your spot guaranteed.

New and improved forums!
- 19:08 EST
New and improved MoonBase Commander Forums are now online over at ForumPlanet.  I may still change the look of them, but they're functional now, so if you could please switch to using them that'd be great.  The old forums will still be available for a few days so you can finish up any discussions there, but please try to take things over to the new forums (they're quite a bit better).
Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Newbie tournament update.
- 23:36 EST
Don't miss itUpdate: a set of rules for the tournament has been added to the post.

Still don't have MBC? - 16:15 EST has it for a measly $16 and Best Buy is currently offering free ground shipping on everything (with discounts on other shipping methods too).  Them's good deals, if you live in the USA.

Monday, August 19, 2002
Win a MoonBase Commander t-shirt! - 23:05 EST
Patrick Wylie (MBC's producer) is offering a MoonBase Commander t-shirt to the winner of Onveric's newbie tournament.  The tournament is definitely a go now, so let Onveric know if you want in.

Newbie tourny?
- 15:05 EST
Onveric is thinking about setting up a little 1v1 newbie tournament.  Check his post and let him know if you'd be interested.  It sounds like he'll get something organized soon if enough of you are up for it.

Firewall & router help.
- 16:15 EST
Sarako has posted some helpful info over on the ChinaCats site about how she was able to join and play an internet game of MBC through her firewall.  You can also check out this post by riiv, which contains some helpful info.
If you're trying to play through a router then you should set your computer (somewhere in your router's setup) to be the DMZ.  This will expose your computer to the internet (all ports will be routed to your computer by default) so that your router no longer provides any sort of protection for your computer, and that will let you join and play MBC games without trouble.  You might still experience problems if you host games, however (try it though, because you might not).  You may also see the odd duplicate chat message in-game, but that won't cause any problems.
Where are all the internet games? - 16:12 EST
The in-game multiplayer hosting and joining is for LAN games only.  You won't see internet games listed there.  You need GameSpy Arcade to find people to play with.  Or, if you've got people to play with, you can try Zauron's MoonBaseIP, which allows direct-connect games.

Saturday, August 17, 2002
Maps! - 14:26 EST
I've just added 4 of my own maps to the Files page.  They were named with all the creativity I used when naming this site: Covak 3, Covak 4, Covak 5, and Covak 6... yeah.  They're generally best for 2v2, as that's my favorite way to play, but they work well for most other game setups too.  I recommend the Covak Maps pack (containing all 4 maps) to simplify the downloading.  And, of course, Zauron's great MBCImport tool should be used to install the maps.
Not quite out everywhere... - 04:36 EST
As many of you have noticed (and thanks for informing me), MBC isn't quite out everywhere.  Stores that don't yet have it all seem to be saying "Tuesday".
And check out the Hot 100 Software Products.  MoonBase was rising all day yesterday and was #12 last I checked.  That ain't bad.  They're selling it for $16 there ($4 less than everywhere else, though they're not shipping until Tuesday).
Friday, August 16, 2002
It's out! - 12:26 EST
EBs around here (Toronto) now have MoonBase Commander on their shelves.  I'd call ahead before you run out to buy it though, because they seem to have very limited quantities right now.  Don't forget that they're also shipping online orders already.  Some who pre-ordered with one-day shipping got their hands on the game yesterday.
For other stores it still looks like next Tuesday, the 20th, will be the release date.  
Thursday, August 15, 2002
Zauron's FAQ update. - 16:05 EST
Zauron's great MoonBase Commander FAQ was updated today...
0.7 - (8/15/2) Fixed a few minor errors, updated Utilities section. Added tips for NiceCo and DeWulf's challenge levels. Once I finish the last 8 Challenge Levels I consider this guide complete.
An 8.3 from GameSpot. - 15:26 EST
GameSpot has a great MoonBase Commander review up.  Contrary to what the reviewer writes, though, you can team chat (start messages with "team:" to chat privately with your team).
And a single hub can accommodate 11 structures if you're careful :)
Demo impressions. - 11:06 EST
Some nice demo impressions have been posted over on AllOutGames.  You can also check EB's customer reviews for further opinions from gamers.
Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Shipping! - 18:59 EST
I've heard that someone who ordered MoonBase Commander from EB has received their shipping confirmation and EB stores say they'll probably have it tomorrow or Friday, so keep a close eye on them.
Tuesday, August 13, 2002
IRC chat! - 21:24 EST
#MoonBaseCommandCenter on has been setup for MBC chatting.  If you don't have a proper IRC client (try mIRC), GamesNET has a couple of web-based clients that you can try.
Coming soon... - 17:56 EST
MoonBase Commander is supposed to be shipping today, but is it? says it was released last Friday, but if you call one of their stores they'll tell you that they won't have it until next Tuesday, the 20th, which is when says it's being released. changed their ETA to tomorrow.  And last I heard an EB up here in Canada thinks they'll have the game on Friday.  So, anyway, it's coming... soonish.  I'll say more on the subject when there's something more concrete to post.
Thursday, August 8, 2002
MoonbaseIP update. - 20:05 EST
Zauron's homepage has turned into Zauron's Lair, which is looking great.  His MoonbaseIP utility was also updated...
8/8/2 - MoonbaseIP has been updated to fix a minor bug where if you ran the utility before playing Moonbase Commander the first time then your game options wouldn't save. This should no longer be a problem with this version.
Wednesday, August 7, 2002
Forums! - 11:51 EST
This site's Forums are now online for all kinds of MBC discussion goodness.
Link fix. - 11:48 EST
If you had any trouble with my links to Zauron's MoonBase Commander FAQ yesterday, try now.  Thanks Zauron.
Tuesday, August 6, 2002
Zauron's FAQ update. - 15:15 EST
A small update was made to Zauron's great MoonBase Commander FAQ.
0.6 - (8/01/2) Modified/corrected information on how Reclaims react to Virus- infected buildings. Proofread entire guide again and fixed minor errors.
Monday, August 5, 2002
- 23:30 EST
A big welcome goes out to Clan ChinaCats.  They're the second MBC clan (DeWulf Industrial being the first).  Their homepage features a little fan fiction, a few maps and replays for download, and a forum.

Interview with Rhett and Patrick!
- 23:28 EST
GameZone has put up an interview with Rhett Mathis (the game's lead designer, and more) and Patrick Wylie (the game's producer, and also more) in which almost every aspect of the game is touched on.  I guess I'll try playing against three allied Brutakii next time I play.
Help has arrived. - 23:23 EST
If you ever have a problem with MBC try my Support page (there's actually a little something there now).
Friday, August 2, 2002
The demo is out!
- 21:59 EST
You can now download the demo here (from FilePlanet).



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