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9 November 2000

Davis Ray Sickmon Jr, Jumpman: 2049 developer and president of MidnightRyder.com - "I have a great deal of dislike for the current day trend to resurrect titles from the grave, then update them.... but the update has very little to do with the original game. I loved Jumpman, and I want to make sure it's done right!"

Jumpman: 2049 LogoThe basic concept for Jumpman: 2049 is the same as the original Jumpman - a puzzle game in a platform game. Jumpman will keep all his normal abilities and the bullets are back! There's lots of new stuff though.

- Between 120 and 200 levels. The basic story will be to once again thwart the Alienators by disarming their bombs and saving the world. The theme of levels will change as you progress though the story, until Jumpman is ultimately required to give the Alienators a taste of their own medicine and lay a few bombs of his own in the enemy's spaceship.

- Jumpman will have tools at his disposal from time to time throughout the game. He will be able to use items like explosives, shields and jetpacks to help him get past the Alientator's darstadly traps. (I sure could have used a jetpack in Going Down? - Jumpman Level 29 - I think everyone who's played that level knows what I'm talking about.)

- All 45 Jumpman and Jumpman Jr levels will be hidden within Jumpman: 2049! Jumpman creator Randy Glover has given MidnightRyder the tools to extract Jumpman levels from the original code, so they should be pixel-perfect.

- Level editor... maybe. Time will tell.

Here's some screen shots provided by MidnightRyder.com of Jumpan: 2049 at the current stage of development. These are not indicative of what Jumpman: 2049 will look like on release, but they give a good idea of Jumpman's basic environment.

J2049 1
Bombs Away! Click for the full-sized image
J2049 2
Roll Me Over, but 'cooler'. Gee I'm funny.
J2049 3
I could never work out Grand Puzzle III...
J2049 4
Roll Me Over again, but with a different surface. Jumpman will be able to manipulate different surfaces with tools - like dirt with a shovel

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