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9 November 2000

So now you're all excited about the prospect of Jumpman: 2049, when is it due to be completed? Unfortunately, Jumpman: 2049 is on hold at the moment. MidnightRyder.com is currently making the transition from being a moonlighting software development company to a full-time job for its president Davis Ray Sickmon, Jr. Right now he is spending his evenings putting the finishing touches on Boulder Panic! 2 - a great game with a pending publishing contract.

Next on the cards for MidnightRyder.com is the development of a game engine - a 'back-end' that can be used over and over again for all sorts of different games - one of which may be Jumpman: 2049.

The big step for MidnightRyder.com will be to find a publisher for Jumpman: 2049, because that means money up front and a development schedule. Jumpman: 2049 will be completed regardless - if no publisher can be found then it will be available online. Keep your eye on the Jumpman Lounge or MidnightRyder.com for any updates on the current situation.

Davis is interested in receiving any feedback or comments on Jumpman: 2049. Please contact him if you are interested in seeing Jumpman: 2049 going ahead - the more feedback he receives, the easier it will be for him to find a publisher. Email him at midryder@midnightryder.com.

Davis is also interested in contacting some people within the industry - in his own words: "...if anyone out there is thinking they want to be a game programmer, with all the glory and low pay, drop me a line - I'm actually looking to start making contacts with those who are interested in doing some programming in game related stuff. :-)".

Any comments or queries about this preview? We love feedback or contributions at the Jumpman Lounge.

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