Yes, it's been over a year since Invader's been updated, and here's my attempt to explain... since the Player1-up forum and site was introduced over a year ago, I've been spending most of my time updating, building and adding content to it - and it was growing quite nicely too. I was using the phpBB package for the forum, and over the last few months, the various security updates were added, that was until 2.0.13 was released. Due to the sheer amount of modifications that were added to Player1-up, the latest updates could not be fully implemented, and as a result, a bunch of hackers known as the "Black Label Crew" took it upon themselves to hack the site, and add copious amounts of pornography. Luckily, I caught this in time, and removed all remnants of their childish work. Alas, I have taken down the whole site, and plan on spending much more time here, devoting myself to growing the MacMAME community as I once had.

A big thank you goes out to Player1-up's Moderator Team - Sweetpea, Keemosabi and Hulio STAXX for their help and participation, and a huge shout out to all of our very loyal and regular members - as if it wasn't for you guys, I can't see how the site would have become so popular - notwithstanding, a cool place to hang out.

Oh dear, another delay in updating this front page... dammit. Well do I have news for you all... our Gaming News section is growing very rapidly, where you can read ALL the latest news from the new Nintendo DS proposed new name (Nitro?) to the very latest in game chart news - this section is updated daily, so you won't miss out on anything!

Some of you may already know that I am a Team Member at and that this community is expanding exponentially. If you have any phpBB related question, queries or just want to know what's going on in the phpBB world, click the link above. We also have a Photoshop Contest running through March, so head on over to the Photoshop March Madness section and submit your entry!

Finally, there has been some serious work involved in tranforming our discussion forum into a multi-platform gaming community - this was decided due to the fact that we had a lot of registered members asking for a place to discuss more than MacMAME, and there request was answered. Following on from the previous news below, we wanted to come up with a new identity for our multi-platform gaming forum... the new name... Player1-up. Player1-up was a simple enough idea that came to me whilst playing on MacMAME a few weeks ago - it's obviously the words you see on some arcade games just before you begin a game level - so there you have it, simple, yet effective. I also bought the domain name for future projects, where I am looking to transfer the forum over to it's own dedicated server. Don't worry MacMAME fans, the Invader site will remain intact and will be updated with the latest MacMAME downloads, news and highscores accordingly.

It's been a while since I updated this page, apologies for that - I've been working pretty hard on the Forum, and there have been a few major changes... all platforms have been taken into account, from the retro scene through to today's modern next generation consoles. The Emulation Forum is still going strong, but now covering ALL aspects from Computer to Handheld Emulation.

We're also giving away prize credits in our Competitions Forum - come and try your hand at the 'Name That Tune' contest!

New and indeed regular visitors to this site will be glad to hear that all downloads are now direct links to their respective sites (except for the Avatar files as they are original to this site, and the file). What does this mean for you? Instant downloads, click and ye shall have, without that annoying waiting in line at FilePlanet...

Well, looks like Brad Oliver's been troubleshooting the latest version of MacMAME in some detail... he's just released another version with a couple of bug fixes - get your version of MacMAME 0.77u2a now!

The latest and greatest (?) release of MacMAME is out folks! To get your hands on a copy of MacMAME 0.77u2, make your way to the downloads page. You must be running OSX 10.1 or higher for this latest release!

The Flash Arcade has 9 incredible new additions thanks to the guys at Midway and If you're sat in the office, and your MacMAME is on your machine at home, then play these classics right in your browser... Defender, Defender II, Rampage, Spy Hunter, Joust and many many more! [must have the latest version of the shockwave player installed]

What a whopper!!!! Juno First reigning champion STAXX, gets knocked off the top spot by a massive 118,210 points. Well done to Skip from Seattle WA for sending in that winning score. View the Highscore table for Juno First here.

More Highscores just in - Kung-Fu Master, 1942, Outrun and more. Don't forget to submit your highest MacMAME scores for the Highscore table.

The Invader Forum is looking for 2 new Moderators to join the team. Check out the full details in the Forum's Announcement section.

Latest... the monthly Photoshop Competition will no longer take place at this site. Due to the lack of entries, we feel it's time to shelf the idea until further notice. down... for good? It seems the authorities have finally caught up with the boys from Denmark - not surprising really, they were told earlier this year to cease ROM downloads... and then they came back online. Damn shame.

Never fear, a new site for downloading legally available ROMs is now up and running with thanks to a joint effort with Atari - - it works in a similar way to iTunes music library, you pay for the ability to download ROMs. A little sparse at the moment as only Atari has joined forces... more to come hopefully.

In an effort to fully integrate the website with the new message board, the GOTM reviews will now be moved to the Forum. Check out our member's game reviews now!

Welcome to a new month at Invader... and what a new month it's going to be! Firstly, we would like to announce that our new Highscore table is in effect - send in ANY highscore replay/screenshot you have for ANY game - you might just make the top 3. Go to the Highscore section to learn how to submit your scores.

The winner of the August Photoshop contest is 'gameover' from Cleveland, OH - the Invader Messenger Bag is on it's way with our congratulations! Keep your entries coming in.

Welcome to another new month at Invader, where we bring you a host of new contests and a brand new GOTM review. There's going to be a big change in the way the Highscore contests are run starting September 1, so head on over to the Forum and check the Annoucements section to get the scoop.

Three more Flash classics have been added to the Flash Arcade: Pong, Duck Hunt 2 and Mini Putt. The Pac-Man and Invaders games have now been updated and include a global Highscore table!

The French version of MacMAME is now available, thanks to Marc Vielfaure - get your copy here.

Brad Oliver has reported that there are going to be some major changes in the way that MacMAME is both developed and indeed distributed in the future due to his (and the MacMAME Development team's) workload.
The main topic of discussion is that the current MacMAME font-end (GUI) is perhaps going to be removed from the main engine application and distributed as 'shareware', although the main app itself will remain free. This will allow other developers to create new front-ends and let Brad and the dev team to work on improving the main engine.

Click here to read what Brad had to say.


To add to your surfing pleasure, we've added 5 more Flash Arcade games; Donkey Kong, Frogger, Asteroids, Blasteroids and Bubble Trouble. Head on over to the Flash Arcade to try them out.

Brand new release of MacMAME. Yet another stellar effort from Brad Oliver. Download your copy of MacMAME

Two new games have been added to the Flash Arcade. Click here to try your hand at Lunar Command (the best Missile Command clone ever!).


Latest release of MacMAME now available - 0.71.2. This version is only for OSX users - OS 10.1 and above. No more classic versions will be released. Get your copy now at the Downloads page.

Atari have released a demo version of a revived and rebuilt Frogger! As yet, it appears that there's only the Windoze version available for download, but what the hell, we're not OS-ist. Get your hands on a copy here.

Atari also has a huge range of classic arcade games, developed for PC, Dreamcast, Playstation, Nintendo and more. You can take a look at the full list here.

New files in the downloads section, including the M1 Music Player and MacMAME Utilities. Head on over to the downloads page for more info on how to get your copy.

Invader has added 2 more classics to its Flash Arcade... Snake and Starship 7 (a great variation of Moonlander!)

What do you mean I don't listen to my visitors? Due to popular demand, you'll be pleased to see I've added a new Flash Arcade to Invader. This new section has 2 games so far - Invaders and Pacman - probably 2 of the better known arcade classics. The Flash Arcade will be updated with new games on a regular basis - if you have a flash game that you'd like to submit (and be duly saluted in print), feel free to drop me a line in the forums or send me an e-mail and we'll get your creation on here for all to drool... and play of course!

New version of MacMAME released with bug fixes - 0.66.2 - you can get your hands on it at the downloads page as usual. A special thanks goes to Brad Oliver for bringing us a newer and less-buggy version - MacMAME gamers are always thankful!

Thanks to all those that have registered at the new Forum too and getting this new community off the ground.


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