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Offensive Strategies

Master winning face-offs, it gives your team the first attempt to score.

Use your Skinny Guys or Medium Guys to carry the puck up the ice. This will offer the most speed so you can move up quickly.

Use your Medium Guys or Big Guys to run over smaller players on the opposing side when you have the puck so they lose a skater for a second.

When you are attempting to score, being close and in front of the net will help.

Defensive Strategies

Use your body check attacks when the puck is in their end and the neutral zone. Once the puck is carried into your zone, it is best to switch to just concentrating on controlling your goalie to stop any incoming shots.

Use your goalie to send opposing players spilling onto the ice.

While the goalie has the puck, bring your controlled player towards the goalie to give him an easy pass out.

Also remember the classic move with the puck when you have a lead. You can take the puck and skate around your own net for minutes at a time.