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Armored Core CR-C840/UL Cockpit Model

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

I was looking for new AC links when I stumbled upon this blog from one of our own Armored Core Online members J.E. aka JonEvengelist, his site/blog AcArmory contains a wealth of custom made Armored Core action figures. The man has even created a sliding Armored Core cockpit that actually slides and opens up to a small compartment inside the core! J.E. is an amazing artist, I highly suggest you visit his page and leave some comments.

C05-SELENA Cockpit

Sega to Skip Armored Core For Answer?

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Armored Core For Answer

Last year’s Armored Core 4 low sales, missed expectations and industry disappointment in the new generation of the Armored Core series, has led Sega, Armored Core’s publisher in the U.S. to most likely skip the new Armored Core For Answer game, released in Japan back in March 2008.

According to PSU, Armored Core For Answer is ranked 853 out of 870 games in a popularity index, the evidence has been mounting for weeks in hope of an official Sega announcement but all hopes have been slowly fading. The most devastating proof that Sega is in fact not planning to port the game to America came in the form of phone calls to one of my media and advertising contacts over at Sega whom when asked about the resurrection of the website said: “We do not have anything in store for that (Armored Core For Answer) game, in fact I haven’t heard anything about this game around the office.

The solution to this problem will be importing the Japanese version of Armored Core For Answer. Things to remember if you do plan to import the game is that for the PS3 version you should not have an issue as the PS3 version is not region restricted and your imported Armored Core game will work well, but the same cannot be said about the Xbox 360 version, which is region coded and your Xbox 360 will not play Japanese titles.

At this point in time all the signs point to the logical conclusion that Sega will not port Armored Core For Answer to America, so as dedicated fans, let’s hope for the best but expect the worst.