"The system for the seventies" -1982



File Description Size
AqEmu.zip My Aquarius Emulator for Windows, includes basic-rom image in one small zip. Supports cartridge images and has many small bug fixes. Screen Shot 35k
Aquarius.rom Aquarius ROM image  8k

Source code
Sorry, not for release yet! 
Well....maybe for a small fee.... :-)
AqRomDis.txt Aquarius rom disassembly. 162k
Aquarius.txt Decimal dump of rom contents 27K
AqHex.txt Hex dump of rom contents

Vaq5.zip Virtual Aquarius 0.5 by James the Animal Tamer 130K
Tron.bin Tron Deadly Discs ROM Screen Shot 16k
NightStalker.bin Nightstalker rom. Screen Shot 16k

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With a HUGE big thanks to Jeff, and James the Animal Tamer, who sent me some Aquarius hardware and cartridges.

Note! The keyboard emulation faithfully emulates the layout and responsiveness of the original hardware! Some characters may not be where you expect to find them on a PC keyboard. They are all there, just play about and you'll find them.
Policy Statement.
It is our policy to never knowingly infringe copyright or intellectual property rights. None of the roms available here have at any time been reverse engineered nor decompiled or disassembled by us. They appear here as direct dumps of their original, encrypted contents.

We are currently trying to ascertain exactly who, if anyone, owns the rights  to the contents of these roms, and as soon as we do we will obtain the relevant licenses and approvals.

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