"The system for the seventies" -1982


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Rom disassembly

Here you will find all sorts of information about the Aquarius. The once infamous 'System for the seventies' launched in 1983. (Work it out for yourself!)

Because these machines, and others like the TI-99, were so poor compared to other systems of the day, there are few of them about and consequently they are now very collectable. 

There were many manufacturers competing for a slice of the market, unfortunately the niche which Aquarius filled was a small one. 

Aquarius Rom Disassembly.
I have started a disassembly of the Aquarius rom. Most of it is now done, and you can see it here.

WWW's first Aquarius Emulator is here.

ROMS now 

Aquarius FAQ
The Aquarius FAQ

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