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Tecmo Super Bowl. There is perhaps no other sports game which was played and loved by so many in its heyday. It struck the perfect balance between realistic football simulation and high-tempo, engaging gameplay. Tecmo pushed the boundaries of sports video games by allowing for the first time full-season play with complete stat-tracking, changing player conditions, and even injuries. The result was a game that would define the shape of sports games to come, and that would engender a passionate following that continues to this day, nearly a decade and a half later.

In this site you will find a wide range of content, from the history of Tecmo Super Bowl to detailed strategy for the game itself. Look around, and let the sights, sounds and stories bring back those memories of super jumps, picked plays, thumb wars, and those fantastic 4th-quarter comebacks which always seemed unavoidable in that 8-Bit classic, Tecmo Super Bowl.

Jerry Rice

September 7, 2005: The Last One?

It looked like Jerry Rice would be the one, and perhaps he still will be, but as of Monday he officially relinquished control of deciding the age-old question: "Who will be the last Tecmo Bowl player remaining in the National Football League?" There had been only a handful of candidates on the table for a number of years, including such notable mainstays as Lee Johnson, former punter for the Cleveland Browns, and Rice's one-time teammate, Tim Brown. But in the end, it all happened rather quickly: Tecmo Bowl
So Jerry wins right? Not so fast. The Eagles picked up Landeta because their starting punter, Dirk Johnson, had undergone surgery for a hernia and was a question mark for the regular season. When it became clear that Johnson would be able to play, Landeta was released. However, might another NFL team find themselves in a situation this year (or next...) where they could use the services of the NFL's all-time leading punter? A roughing the kicker here or a strained hamstring there could strip Mr. Rice of the one record Randy Moss can't audaciously claim he will take. Jerry will undoubtedly suffer through many a sleepless night until his claim to the title can finally be sealed, but...at least for now...he is offically pencilled in the books as The Last Tecmo Bowl Player in the NFL.