Did You Notice

This is a page of subtle things in TSB that you may or may not have noticed while playing. Most of them are pretty obvious things, but ones that may have just never drawn your attention. Either way, here they are:

Haywood's Name is Spelled Wrong - The name is spelled phonetically in Tecmo. In the game it appears as Haywood Jeffries, when in reality his named is spelled Haywood Jeffires. There are several players like this in Tecmo.

What Kind of Ball is That? - It's an NFL game, so clearly they're using a pro ball, right. Well, yes, at least throughout most of the game they do. But on field goals (and extra points) for some reason it turns into a college ball when it gets to the screen where it sails through the uprights (from the side view). As far as I know this is the only time it appears like this in the entire game, with the exception of the substitution screen.

Eric Dickerson, Starting RB, Colts - Or in the case of this game not starting running back. Dickerson held out at the start of the 1990 season, and was suspended for 5 games as a result. During his time he was replaced by Albert Bentley. In 1991 he was suspended another 5 games for insubordination. Eric Dickerson was most likely renegotiating his contract following the 1990 season. If a player is not under contract he is not part of the Player's Association and his name cannot be used. If you notice, Bobby Hebert is not in the game, despite being the Saints starter in both 1991 and 1989. In 1990 he held out the entire season. Since this game was being produced long before the 1991 season actually began, whether these players were going to actually end up agreeing to terms with and playing for their respective teams may have been in doubt, which is most likely why RB COLTS wasn't used instead.

The Race Issue - Johnny Johnson and Rod Woodson are not white, but you'd never know this if you only played TSB. Maybe in the case of Rod Woodson they figured, well he light-skinned, that's close enough. For Johnny Johnson they just really screwed up.

The Magic of 69 - There are only two players in the game with 69 running speed, The Cardinal's free safety, Lonnie Young, and Denver's right guard Doug Widell. As Paul points out in his FAQ, every other DB has between 25 and 44 in this category, and every other offensive lineman has 25. Why are these guys so special. Absolutely nobody knows.

Efficient Quarterbacking - The QB Ratings given in Tecmo aren't even close to their real life counterparts. The best you can do in real life is 158.3. The best you can get in Tecmo you get by having 100% completion percentage, 100% TD percentage, 0% INT percentage, and 99.0 yards per pass. This is a 831.2 rating in the game.

More Fuzzy Tecmo Math - If you tie the first week, your winning percentage, instead of being .000 or .500, which would at least make sense, it is listed as 5.535. That would imply you've won 553.5% of your games. That's one impressive football team!

Coin Toss Taunting - when a team selects to either kick or receive after they win the coin toss, their player points at the other guy who lost the toss.

Those Racist Saints - there are no white players on New Orleans' defense.

The 3-4 Squeeze - every team is forced into playing a 3-4 defense, meaning that teams who actually played a 4-3 defense at the time found one of their defensive ends moved to linebacker (see Seattle's Cortez Kenendy).

Third Jersey - the only team in the game with three different uniforms is Kansas City (one red and pink, the others white plus different shades of pink/red). The only teams with one uniform are Minnesota, Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis and Philly.

Poor Scheduling - some teams in the game play teams that are not in their division twice (for example the Vikings and the Cardinals). This is not a mistake, this is the a result of the way the NFL scheduled back then.