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  Thursday, August 16th 2007
Sup guys!
[Posted at: 23:15 PDT | Author: Cl1nt | Comments (1)]  
Ok, So this place is dead. whatever. New supcom expansion looks to be awesome, but meh.

I've known the guys here for a while now, so if you want to catch up with me, go check out my blog!

I'm just here to pimp myself out, because... well, because I can. Go me.

GG noobzors and spambots.

Edit: lol forgot this isn't a html based forum.
  Saturday, July 14th 2007
Wargrounds KO'd 07.14.07
[Posted at: 19:40 PDT | Author: Seveniner | Comments (16)]  
Down but Not out. The Wargrounds may be heavily spammed and slow to respond with news but its still got active lurkers. Therefore please stop by and post a hello you might spark interest. You may still lurk and possibly gain some interesting knowledge you'll never know till you come in. *Wink*

As for tommorrow all topics started without the date at the end of title like this topic will be regarded as spam until more countermeasures are in place.

Seveniner/Lurkers/Lurking Mods
  Thursday, June 28th 2007
06.28.07 *Forged Alliance*
[Posted at: 12:15 PDT | Author: Seveniner | Comments (8)]  
New Supcom game based on the series called supreme commander: Forged Alliance and will be a stand-alone not just a expansion. It'll feature 3 main things. 1 a large single player campaign, (details of which are still scarce but will continue the original story.) atleast 100 new units, and a large series of new multiplayer maps so almost a brand new expansion just a lot bigger.

Its time frame is in november.... Of 2007. :twisted:
  Tuesday, May 29th 2007
I Quit.
[Posted at: 02:56 PDT | Author: Cl1nt | Comments (11)]  
Title says it all really.

It's been a great 15ish months here, but this place is dead.

I hereby resign as moderator.

I leave my account, and with it my moderator status, to the Crazyarab (none of you would of read that thread), PM for my password. Or if you manage to catch a hold of Cobalt (any of you) slap him one for me.

This won't be my last post. If you manage to keep this place alive, I'll be back some day. Till then, if you want to talk to me, contact me on: cl1nt(at)hotmail(dot)com

If I ever meet any of you in a game (Of anything) your ass is grass.
and on that note, I bid thee farewell.

It's been an honour.

Teh Cl1ntinator,
Moderator, God-like cainer of victory, and all-round decent guy,
Clint Hayward
  Monday, May 21st 2007
05.21.07 *Carpet bomber patch*
[Posted at: 18:01 PDT | Author: Seveniner | Comments (14)]  
May 23rd 2007 patch releasted 2 days early with Much more than anticipated additions. New additions include AI, tracking as well as pathfinding and a few new buttons.

One of which is a new Auto Dock button for aircraft. Instead of manually having the aircraft land or patrol near a pad until their low enough on fuel to land you can now force them to land (As of this moment: Its untested but theoretically they could go back to their previous mission.)

For full list of updates go... HERE!

PS There are various changes to many units so the game should feel a bit different especially with various air strike strategies dissolved along with the usual changes to units themselves. Galatic Colossus's can work properly against siege units now yay!
  Saturday, May 19th 2007
[Posted at: 06:04 PDT | Author: Seveniner | Comments (27)]  
Ok a bit of sad and good news while the new patch is about 4 days away there will be no DX10 update for SC nor its expansions. That is all.

In a odd twist of news not relating to SC (Awww!!) Starcraft II has been officially announced.
  Saturday, May 12th 2007
05.12.07 *Holy Smokes Batman Edition*
[Posted at: 10:39 PDT | Author: Seveniner | Comments (3)]  
New patch on the horizon with a Carrier sized load of balances and tweaks... Due day is as of this post Unknown. Here is the list of changes.

Patch Balance Notes
* Map props have been altered to provide more balanced start positions
* Assist icon now properly shows when mousing over a Quantum Gateway
* Starting and Mass Extractor locations adjusted for all ranked maps
* Weapons that do splash damage no longer destroy other projectiles

* Scorcher now deals its damage faster
* Tier 3 Spy Planes costs reduced by roughly half and now have limited
range Omni
* Transports will no longer chase planes
* Gemini has been retuned after discovery of a bug with its missiles
* Tier 1 bombers now drop their bombs using a physics based model
* Zeus's health increased
* Revenant's damage increased
* Anti-air guns now prioritize bombers, gunships and transports over
interceptors and scouts

* Aurora: Acceleration increased slightly and top speed lowered
* Cybran ACU damage reduced Rate of fire increased Overall DPS has gone
* Mech Marine can now correctly fire from a transport and health
* Omni Sensors no longer have sonar
* Flare: Damage increased
* Energy Storage economy reduced Death explosion radius increased
* Cybran TML defenses improved and now have a charge time before launch
* Aeon ACU Advanced Resource Allocation System cost reduced
* T3 land factories cost increased
* UEF ACU nuke now behaves like other nukes

* Tier 1 Tanks
- Striker now moves faster and has been retuned

* Tier 2 Tanks
- Retuned to perform better vs. Tier 1 units
- Now move faster
- Obsidian energy drain decreased

* Tier 2 Artillery:
- Miasma: Damage reduced
- Klinkhammer: More accurate
- Gunther: More accurate, damage increased

* Tier 2 Point Defenses
- Now lead their targets
- Oblivion and Triad no longer deal damage to friendly targets

* Tier 3 Siege Assault Bots
- Ranged reduced
- Vision range reduced
- Acceleration reduced
- Harbinger and Titan cost increased
- Titan turret speed increased
- Loyalist cost decreased and DPS increased

* Strategic Missile Defenses can no longer be built on water
* Salem now moves similar to Aeon and UEF Destroyers Its speed on land
has been increased
* UEF and Cybran Naval factories are now more easily hit by torpedoes
* T3 Submarines are now significantly cheaper to build, their TML damage
has been reduced and their nuke cost increased
* Amphibious units (Sea floor walking) now have water vision equal to
their normal vision This allows them to see submarines
* Carriers (including the CZAR) can now build up through tier 3 air
* Cybran carrier anti-air guns DPS decreased and accuracy increased
* T3 Sonar Buoy's cost reduced, health changed and sonar range increased
* T1 and T2 Sonar Buoy's health increased
* T3 Aeon Sonar Buoy anti-torpedo rate of fire decreased
* T1 Torpedo launchers now have sonar

* Frigates:
- Completely retuned
- Health increased
- Cost decreased
- DPS increased
- Beacon range decreased and anti-torpedo system retuned

* Submarines:
- Sylph cost increased and DPS decreased
- Sliver DPS decreased, cost decreased and health increased

* Destroyers
- Cost retuned

* Battleships
- Summit and Galaxy cost decreased

* Galactic Colossus and Monkeylord now always respond to attacks from
Siege Assault Bots

* Atlantis:
- Health reduced
- Torpedo system retuned

- Health increased
- Beam damage reduced
- Flak damage radius increased
- Crash damage reduced

* Fatboy
- Cost decreased

* Galactic Colossus
- Cost decreased
- Movement improved

* Mavor:
- Accuracy decreased
- Turret speeds increased
- Cost reduced

* Monkeylord
- Turret ranges increased

* Scathis:
- Energy Drain per shot reduced
- Health increased
- Max radius

* Soul Ripper:
- Ground damage doubled and splash damage added
- Air to air damage reduced
- Crash damage and radius increased
- Cost retuned

* Tempest:
- Acceleration increased
- Turn rate increased
- Main cannon radius increased
- Cost decreased

  Friday, April 27th 2007
[Posted at: 05:03 PDT | Author: Seveniner | Comments (11)]  
Quick update for those who HAVE NOT purchased SC. As if this moment Gogamer is having SC reduced to $25 during this 48 hour period. Its actually out of stock but seems the clock for this has been extended to 116 hours and counting as of this post....

So for the bunch of you lazy cheap bums out there now is your time to get it before a expansion comes out so you can get that when it comes out.
  Wednesday, March 28th 2007
Presenting: The new Supreme Commander Wiki!
[Posted at: 10:45 PDT | Author: TaviRider | Comments (26)]  
[Promoted Forum Item - Bumped to front page by cl1nt]

Hello SupCom fans!

I'd like to announce the launch of the new Supreme Commander Wiki!

The SupCom Wiki is a community-created site with information about Supreme Commander. It's a reference site with information about units, factions, strategies, gameplay mechanics, mods and mod development. It's a place to develop the most in-depth, accurate and useful information about the game.

Take a look! Check out the information, become a better player, add your own analysis. It's free, and all are welcome!

  Saturday, March 10th 2007
CT still loves us!
[Posted at: 03:39 PST | Author: Cl1nt | Comments (8)]  
Any of you that are members of GPGNET will have received the latest newsletter, but for those who aren't, heres a few interesting bits:

<links have been removed>
Hey Everyone!

We're right in the midst of the world-wide launch of Supreme Commander, and everyone here at Gas Powered Games is bristling with excitement. Not only are we already talking about where we're going to take the Supreme Commander universe, we're also listening very carefully to all of the feedback that you're sending us. We all hope that you'll enjoy the game. I'll see you on GPGnet!


Chris Taylor

Throughout the development of Supreme Commander, we've had a massive, enthusiastic community watching our every move, cheering us on and generally keeping us focused on creating the best possible RTS game.

Now that Supreme Commander is finished and available in stores, we just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone in the SupCom community for their unwavering support. It's meant a lot to us.

And for those of you who haven't visited one of the Supreme Commander community sites, here are a few of our favorites in no particular order:

# Supreme Commander Universe
# Supreme Commander HQ
# Wargrounds

For more awesome community sites, head to and then click Community > Links.

We're still in CT's top three fansites! which doesnt say much about the others, but hey, everyone say hi to Niner, because I'm damn sure he's related to GPG somehow..

In other news, I've topped out my school in the QCS test (Queensland Core Skills - I think it's similiar to the US SAT's) Sorry, just had to gloat about that.