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CombatSim.com review - MEMBERS ONLY
Panzerfaust / 4:43

Combatsim.com has posted a review today of Sudden Strike II. The only catch is that it's under the "Members Only" section. You can join here "as low as US$2.95 per month" if you want to read this, and all their other great content.

Obviously this is likely to put off a number of you, but I firmly believe that more and more sites will go this way in the future. Afterall, bandwidth has to be paid for *somehow*. And if you look at the likes of IGN these days, I would *gladly* pay $2.95 to get rid of all those annoying pop-ups and ad-every-other-page style advertising. Wouldn't you?

Sudden Strike 2 v2.2 patch released
Panzerfaust / 10:32

CDV have just release the lates patch for Sudden Strike 2, taking it to version 2.2. So what does it do?

"The patch fixes problems with the Kyro graphics chips, eliminates some bugs in the editor and enhances the net code for better multiplayer action."

I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but you can download it here (4Mb). los, Los, LOS!

ESCMag verdict
Panzerfaust / 1:10

Craig Schneider from ESCMag tells me that their review is live, and indeed it is:

Buy this one if you're into all-combat RTS or you're just a big WWII fan. I think it is a game that will give many hours of enjoyable playability.

Short, but sweet, the review gives SS2 a score of 8 out of 10.

Ultimate map pack released
Panzerfaust / 5:59

Hot of the virtual press:

CDV is happy to announce that they have finished compiling the ultimate Sudden Strike II map-pack. This pack consists of a vast collection of single and multiplayer maps which were composed by the Sudden Strike Community. If you download this map pack, you`re going to get 66 fresh Maps for your playing pleasure (thanks Kronos). Read more for details and links where to grab the goodies ...http://www.sust2maps.de/english/ms_mapmonth.htm

T-minus 1 day
Panzerfaust / 8:3

Tension is rising and nerves are freying as there is now just 24 hours until the start of the Official Sudden Strike 2 Tournament, being held tomorrow at VGA gaming centres nationwide.

With around 500 gamers in 25 cities around Britain, this ranks amongst the largest single gaming tournaments ever held in the UK. And with the prize worth over 2,000, there will be no shortage of action as the cannon fodder is whittled down to the eventual champion.

Good luck to all, and keep an eye on the VGA site for coverage / results.

ITReviews gives SS2 a once-over
Panzerfaust / 7:48

Staying true to their name, ITReviews have run SS2 through the mill and produced a short-ish review:

"If you liked the first game, then odds are you'll appreciate the tweaks SS2 makes, but even so there's no getting away from the fact that it really isn't all that different to the original. It's looking a bit dated too, but if you fancy the idea of a proper, authentic and tactical RTS war game then SS2 is still a worthwhile purchase."

I say more of the same is not necessarily a bad thing, especially in this case.

IGN Review
Panzerfaust / 2:50

Steve Butts from PC IGN has reviewed our beloved Sudden Strike 2, scoring it a decent 8.0 out of 10:

"If you're yearning for an authentic World War II real-time strategy game, then this is the one for you...Like I said, if you need an RTS with a wide-scope and lots of action -- and if you need it right now -- Sudden Strike II is your best bet."

As usual, they also have a HUGE media gallery, with 40 new screenshots and an archive of a boatload more. It's surely the most you'll see if the game short of actually playing it!

New Poll
Shifty / 3:30

Its time again to cast your vote on the Bunkers poll, this time we want to know which nation you like playing as most, whether it be singleplayer or multiplayer.

So get clicking :)

SS2 Bunker Contest !
Warlord / 12:53

Today I'm happy to announce SS2 Bunker has organised an SS2 contest, sponsored by CDV US

If you send in any interesting SS2 stuff, you can win free T-shirts.

*Map contest (the best maps will win, and you will be able to download them from our fast server)
*Wallpaper: try to make a SS2 bunker related wallpaper, and win a price !
*anything else ... if you have another idea like a very good article, walkthrough ...

Sudden Strike 2 Mods
Warlord / 12:39

Today I received the CDV newsletter, with their info about 2 SS2 MODS:

There is fresh news on the Sudden Strike II front-line. The new SSN-Mod for Sudden Strike II has just now beeing finished. The units do now have camouflage colours and you`re also able to utilize a ME323 Gigant. As we speak of Mods, I would also like to mention that the RWM-Mod just reached Version 6.0. Both Mods enhance Sudden Strike II with new features, offering a new gameplay, even for the veterans among you.
The current version of the RWM-Mod can be found here :


Whereas the brand new SSN-Mod can be downloaded from here:



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