Screenshots of the Studio 2 Emulator

The following are screenshots of the various Studio 2 emulators in action, running the available games.
What you see when you start up. This is perfectly normal for the Studio II: if you only have 1k of ROM, there'll be no title screens.
Doodle, a simple drawing program. It can also be combined with Patterns, below
Pattern is a drawing program which is an extension of Doodle. A pattern is drawn and then repeated over the whole screen.
Bowling is a simple but fun bowling game, with features like strikes and spares. For some reason it seems to defy the laws of physics sometimes. For two players.
Freeway is a scrolling racetrack game, with two levels of difficulty. Get as far as you can in the two minutes allowed. The other car has a very complex movement pattern.
Adding is a mental arithmetic and reflexes game. You add the digits in the lower number (103) and press the appropriate key on your keypad as fast as possible.The quicker you do it, the more points you get. This is really hard on the emulator. The sums are easy,but if the answer isn't 1,2 or 3 it gets difficult.
A new game for the Studio 2, Space Invaders, written by me. It can be downloaded from the front page.
My version of the Atari 2600 game "Combat". This has over 80 game variations in a 1k cartridge.
The ultimate console system ; play all the built in games at the same time. WinStem shown here running Freeway, Bowling, Adding and Doodle.
Another new game for the Studio 2, written by me again. This one is an improved "Pong" game, with four game types and two bat sizes.
An original RCA Studio II Game. This one is Tennis / Squash
A TV Casino game : Blackjack for one or two players.
Speedway and Tag were very simple racing games.
Space war offered two varieties of simple shooting game for Studio II fans.
Baseball seems to be one of the more complex original games available.

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