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Smithy Factory

With Smithy's last freelancing troops defeated, all that's left is his last line of defense: Bowser's Keep. To gain access to the area, go back to Nimbus Land and speak with the King and Queen to gain access to the Nimbus Land buss. You can find it next to Garro's house & up the stairs.

However, make one last stop before heading off on a trip with the bus. Go back to Moleville and enter the store. Talk to the Mushroom person there and buy his "Metal Plate". Equip it to Toadstool as the "Frying Pan" and she will be in prime fighting condition.

Bowser's Keep
Immediately after entering switch to Bowser. He has a certain...effect on his now brainwashed troops. Give him the Safety Badge to protect him a wee bit more. Make your way through the first rooms (the ones that you went through at the beginning of the game so long ago.)

After you get past the room that you once battled to the death in with Bowser, go through the open arms of the Bowser statue and out onto one of the castle's outdoor darkened walkways. Make your way NE, then SE, then NE to the exit of the balcony.

In this room, go through the door to your left (behind the archway and against the SW wall) go get healed and to get some coins. Go back and use the save point. Pass up croco unless you need some of the item's he's peddling, and enter the door to the next room.

This area is know as the six doors. Use the minigame section to get a good guide for this. However, I suggest you go through doors 1 & 4 at least, so you can get two items you need: Bowser's Drill Claw, and Geno's Star Gun.

Once you're done there, hit the save point you fall down to and go through the door.

This is probably the easiest boss in the game (besides the first battle with Bowser). He has remarkably low defense...but remarkably high Magic Attacks. Into the battle a little ways comes an egg dropping in. It will crack open and have one of three things: Jinx Clone (320), King Bomb or Bahamutt. Attack and destroy the enemy that you face, then take on Magikoopa again. He should fall quickly.

Now, switch Bowser for Geno when you can, and don't forget to give Geno the Safety Badge! Go through the door on the left and buy the following things from Croco: Hero Shirt, Prince Pants, Star Cape, and Heal Shell. Any other items you need (Pick Me Ups, Mid Mushrooms?), buy them now at the last store you'll find for a loooooong time.

Go back and use the save point in the other room, then go through the right door. Try to jump as often as you can in this room. Avoid as many of the bullets and the Thwomps as you can. Now, right here before the red door is your FINAL chance to switch back to Geno. Do so now, if you haven't!!! Go through the door when ready. Run along the floor and you may get a sense of d&eactue;jà vu....which is quickly justified.

This guy may look tough, but he truly is! Attack the red version with Magic, and the blue with Normal. Within a few minuets, though, he should fall like a true soldier.

You reach the roof fully expecting to battle with a guy called Smithy, and the game would be that. It's not that simple. Not nearly that simple. Attack one of the eyes (I suggest Right) until it is knocked out, then use Geno's 9999 Geno Whirl attack on the head of the sword--and you'll soon be sucked into a world of darkness and machinery....

Smithy Factory
Move on into the next room by going under the arch. You can use the springboard that was to your left to get out if you ever need to.

Go over to the bolt and nut bridge and begin to jump on the bolt while facing towards your target to get it to go where you want it. I recommend you use the save point to make sure you have a place to go back to. Go through the archway nearby.

Jump across the Bolt bridge and the avoid the Ameboid and go to the SE. Avoid this one too, then make your way across the last bolt (for this room). Go onto that little niche to go to the next area. Run over and hit the green button, trying to avoid the Ameboids, and then get over to the archway.

Just to the left of the save box is the last hidden box of the game. Past this point, you can use any team combination you want to. There is no special weakness that you should try to exploit with one ally, nothing. However, keep Toadstool in the team for healing purposes (and keep the lazy shell on her!) Also make sure that the Safety Badge remains on the person from now on. Make sure you save, then continue on. In the box to the left is an "Ultra Hammer", a pointless weapon for Mario (Lazy Shell is stronger). Jump onto the springboard and make your way across the two bolt bridges, then jump on the springboard.

Concentrate on the Ding-A-Lings with normal attacks (or some all-hitting ones to take on everybody). Once you've taken out both Ding-A-Lings, the count is a sitting duck (er, clock). Take him on with Normal Attacks.

After he's done, use the save point then jump on the trampoline. Go on the nitche to continue. You probably won't like this one bit, but look who's rolling off the assembly lines! Get on the right side to avoid battling the second generation Axem Rangers. Drop down into the gap between the platforms. Then go NE and grab the two boxes. Jump on the tramp to return to the main floor. Ride the turtle block to the point where the two blocks meet, then switch to the other one. Jump past the assembly lines and then the Ameboids to get deeper into the factory. Avoid the arrows in this room and jump where there are openings in the assembly lines. Get past the Mack, or battle for some experience. Go on the niche to continue.

Get across the conveyer belts to the next side, and avoid the Boos on guard patrol (or is it boo patrol?) Hit the treasure box for a Royal Syrup, then go SW and ride the block across. Make your way across more conveyer belts, then past more ghosts and onto the next area. Get to the right of the conveyer belt and watch the Bowyers falling down it. Once one goes past, sprint up the belt. Jump over the Axem guards when they’re in the middle of their walkway to get past them without a fight.

For the next conveyer, wait again to the right then sprint up when a Bowyer passes you. Go to the edge of the pathway to continue on. Use the save point, then go through the path. Get to the niche in the Northern corner and grab the chests, then attack the Yarids that keep falling. After one is defeated, the block will explode and allow you to fall into the depths below...

The loony pair may look like jesters, but they fight like lions. Take out Domino first with Normal attacks, then Cloaker will retreat to the gigantic backup snake. Knock Cloaker off with many hits with Normal attacks, and then concentrate on Earth Link will all ya got! (Which might not be enough...) With Cloaker gone, Earth Link goes ballistic, attacking with a super powered Carni-Kiss! Go through the door to the NW to enter the main and central part of the Factory Complex...

You will battle with Smithy's top three production officers as you march through the command complex. Eventually, you will reach the factory chief, who won't be as big a pushover. Save before entering the battle!

Begin by taking out the Chief. He has the least HP, and should be taken out easily. Once he's gone, take out the Gunyolk with Normal Attacks! With him out of the way, you just need to take on the final boss of the game: (I suggest you go back and save before you battle.)

The Final Boss

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