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Gaming sites
  • Alisia Dragoon - My tribute site to the little-known Genesis/Megadrive fantasy platformer/shoot'em up.
  • Castlevania Dungeon - Nice Castlevania site with tons of content - a must visit for fans of the series.
  • - The kind hosts of this website and a must visit for anyone interested in classic video games.
  • Death Adder's Castle - A cool Golden Axe site, that features everything you can imagine to do with the classic hack 'n' slash series.
  • Final Fight Online - Great site dedicated to Capcom's fighting classic, as well other titles featuring characters.
  • - The best site there is for cheats, guides and walkthroughs for games on any platform.
  • Gunstar Heroes - Great website devoted to the classic Genesis/Megadrive shooter from Treasure.
  • Home of the Underdogs - Site dedicated to the underdogs of gaming; the games that never got the respect they deserved. They have a huge database of free downloads of abandonware (games no longer sold by their publishers).
  • - Great videogame nostalgia site.
  • The OPCFG - Cool site dedicated to classic gaming.
  • PHM's Shinobi Website - Cool Shinobi website.
  • SegaFans - A great site dedicated to all things Sega.
  • Sonic Cult - A must visit for those interested in the development secrets of the Sonic series.
  • Street Fighter Legends - Cool Street Fighter & Final Fight site
  • The Ultimate Mega Man X & Zero Webpage - Impressive site looking at Mega Man X.
  • The Video Game Museum - Great site with loads of pics and scans from games of all systems. Nice design too.
  • - Site with a huge archive of video game music in MIDI format.
  • West Mansion - Remember Splatterhouse? This is a great site dedicated to the gory 16-bit horror series.