Sopwith Links (Updated 04/24/05)

Description's GP32 Port of Sopwith
Sopwith on GameSpy's Hall of Fame
Simon Howard's Sopwith port for numerous OSes, hosted through Source Forge
Sopwith enthusiast John Rafkind has developed a new game that's very Sopwith-esque. Check out his development site.
Jornand is a developer who has been working on a Internet-friendly, multiplayer version of Sopwith called Sopwith ME, as well as Sopwith 3
Filled with screens, tips, and other niftiness by another next-generation Sopwith developer
A past VGA Sopwith remake project.
Homepage of the main programmer of Sopwith, David Clark. Here you can download "Sopwith - the Author's Edition."
My new hosting site, devoted to the golden era of classic video and computer games.
Home to the remade version of Digger, a contemporary of the Sopwith games
Small Rockets' homage to Sopwith
A small site with neat animated GIFs from Sopwith2
Page providing information and links to the Dodekaedron Software game "Triplane Turmoil"
Makers of Triplane Turmoil, a Sopwith like game.
A fun article about a Sopwith-esque Intellivision classic Biplane game
The Sopwith Newsgroup - May be unaccessible on some servers.

The Sopwith Newsgroup - HTTP link for those who cannot access the newsgroup using normal means. Note: Posting requires registration.

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