Token Update
After a week with no updates, no, we haven't died! Though fresh news has, it seems. We'll try and have some new reviews up soon, to fill the gap. Though for now, check out some of SNK's cool updates. Like TGS Autumn '99 photos, and their SNK vs. Capcom section, which has been updated with a bunch of images, info, even some nice fanarts.

Sonic Boom versus Power Wave...you make the call
A Preview of SNK vs. Capcom (fighting version) has been added to the Games section. It features new, slightly higher quality screens, and some info. Is there anyone that ISN'T looking forward to this game?!

Just like Clockwork...
...SNK announces a new Neo Geo Pocket. Yes, another one. Well...maybe. European trade paper, CTW, has revealed that SNK is developing a 32-bit Neo Geo Pocket system, intended to go head to head with Nintendo's Gameboy Advance. This news comes as no surprise, but I'm sure we would all hate to see SNK shift focus from the NGPC, right when things are really picking up. Though, since nothing else is known (or has even been officially announced by SNK of Japan) at this time, we'll reserve judgment. Thanks to Magic Box for the info.

A Preview of SNK's Beast Busters has been added to the Games section...more out of boredom, rather than informative intentions. Where's all the TGS news, hmm? Oh well, it's a great preview, regardless! ^_~

Quick Update
The Coming Soon section has been updates with a few new dates and corrections (such as Pocket Lover Neo's official name change). More [interesting] updates will made tomorrow, as time allows.

NGPC...going where no handheld has gone before!
Magic Box has reported some very interesting news from Japan...SNK is currently developing a special kit that will allow users to connection their NGP to the Internet (via PC). What will you do once online with your system? Send and receive E-Mail, download special features and "patches," and even play networked games against other players! Does this sound awesome or what?!

Games Section Updates
The Games section has been updated with a new Biomotor Unitron FAQ (English version) by none other than Kelvin Koh, and a review of Namco's Pacman, by F.M., has also been added.

Prepare to DIVE!
Sector: NGP reader, Wilson, has submitted a Review of Sacnoth's masterful Dive Alert, which despite network troubles is online and ready for action!

Faselei! Sacnoth! Yay!
Though it was officially revealed last month, in-game shots are now available, and thus a Preview of "Faselei!," Sacnoth's latest simRPG project has been added to the Games section. It's looking cool, it's from Sacnoth, and it's coming this November. Sounds great already! Thanks to our DS buddy fluX for informing us of the new images.

New Games
Magic Box has announced, along with some previously known info, that 5 new games are headed for the Neo Geo Pocket in Japan...

  • King of Fighters R-3
  • Magician Lord
  • Tournament Puroresu (Pro Wrestling)
  • Reversi
  • King of Kanji (??)

    Woo hoo! It's great to see more Action/Platformers showing up. Now all we need is a shooter! We're assuming that Tournament Puroresu is actually ADK's Battle Royal under a new name, though we aren't sure yet.

    Cool Shells For All
    substance J just hit SNK's Japanese NGP homepage, and found brand-new, official images of all "New! Neo Geo Pocket" housings (shown below)! Slick shells, attractive 6800 price, and loads of potentially killer games, all on one day. This could provide a sizable boost for SNK in Japan.

    The News We've REALLY Been Waiting For...
    Chinese gaming site GodMars Sky has come through with some awesome info and pics....

    SNK vs. Capcom ~ Battle of the Strongest Fighters

    SNK vs. Capcom ~ Battle of the Strongest Fighters (shown above, to be released in December) is looking hot, and will be packed with different modes of play. Singles, KOF-style 3 on 3 Elimination, Capcom-style 2 on 2 Tag Team, survival, and "Olympic Mode." No idea what Olympic Mode is, but we've got our fingers crossed for a sort of Story or Making mode.

    Also from GodMars Sky...images of the New Neo Geo Pocket! Shown below are 2 side by side comparisons of the NNGPC (on the left) and the NGPC (on the right). As you can tell, the NNGPC is smaller (thinner, mostly) than the NGPC. In fact, the NNGPC seems to be the exact same size as the original NGP (confused yet?). Just as a note...the NNGPC is only different in size. It does not have its own games, or anything like that.

    Lock and Load...
    The Coming Soon section has been updated with listings for Ogre Battle and Metal Slug: 2nd Mission(!!).

    THE Announcement
    SNK's big announcement took place on the 6th in Japan, and now The Magic Box has reported what took place.

  • The NGPC price drop that was reported last week, has been confirmed. The units effected by the drop are actually a new version of the NGPC, called "New Neo Geo Pocket". The "NNGP" is smaller and lighter than the original NGPC, but it is fully compatible with all previous units, software, and accessories. This new, cost-effective unit will be released in Japan on October 21st, the same day as many new titles such as Densha De Go! 2, SNK vs. Capcom CARD CLASH, and others.

  • SNK is currently developing a KOF spin-off called King of Fighters Adventure, for both Dreamcast and NGPC. And yes, you gussed it...both versions will be linkable.

  • SNK will be porting Quest's Ogre Battle to NGPC for release in March of 2000. It is sure to be a major hit.

  • All software released after October 21st (it's a big day, as you can tell) will be housed on rewritable Flash RAM. This opens some interesting paths for future software and marketing, as unsold games could be bought back by SNK and rewritten. It is also easy to imagine special promotions where blank carts would be sold to consumers at low cost, and then written with the game of their choice at a later time, much Nintendo did late in the life of the Super Famicom

    Also mentioned was SNK vs. Capcom (the fighting game). It's official - it will be shipping on a 32 Megabit cart! Magic Box also stated that SNK vs. Capcom will support the Dreamcast Link, as reported previously right here on Sector: NGP

    Site Updates
    Stardust has submitted a new, reformatted version of his KOF R-2 Terry FAQ, and L.S.D has submitted a Samurai Shodown 2 FAQ

    Dates to Remember
    Substance J has done some translating of SNK's latest Japanese release schedule. His findings have been added to the Coming Soon section. There are many changes, such as SNK vs. Capcom (fighting) now being listed as DC Link compatible, SNK vs Capcom CARD CLASH now listed for October, Pocket Lover Neo being pushed back to October 21st, and the addition of Yumekobo's Tsunagete Pon! 2

    Many Neo Geo Pocket owners around the net, us included, have been wondering if it is wise to import the Japanese version of the Wireless Link, which was recently made available by various importers. Well, we've now learned that when the unit is released in North America, it will be altered from it's original version - tweaked to conform to FCC regulations (that's good thing). After learning this, we will now be waiting for the official North American release, to avoid possible complications with software or even other electronic equipment.

    Linking of a different sort
    The Links section has been updated with links to Swan Song, GNN, and Point Zero Animation.

    A quick note to let everyone know that Pacman, Biomotor Unitron, and Pocket Tennis Color have shipped to retail outlets and should be available NOW! Editor Torture recently purchased a copy of Biomotor Unitron, and is very pleased with the depth and quality of the game. Oh, and also keep an eye out for the retail releases of Neo Geo Cup '98 Plus, Puyo Pop, and Puzzle Link (known as Tsunagete Pon! to importers) - all of which are due later in the month.

    News-type Happenings
    Today, the fine people at Gamefan posted some interesting news from Japan regarding a unit price drop, among other changes.

    On October 21st, SNK will drop the price of the Neo Geo Pocket Color from 8800 to 6800 ($81 and $62.50 respectively, at current exchange rates). In addition to a new, more reasonable pricepoint (one we North Americans have been used to since June 1st), there will also be new colored housings! The full list of colors is:

  • Platinum Blue
  • Solid Silver
  • Carbon Black
  • Crystal
  • Camoflage Blue
  • Crystal Blue
  • Crystal Yellow
  • Bubble Blue

    SNK has yet to post any pictures of the new unit housings (on the 'net, at least), though we'll be checking their Japanese homepage for them regularly

    ALSO, The Magic box posted a rumor today, stating that SNK will be making an announcement on September 6th, and this announcement could possibly be about a 3rd generation Neo Geo Pocket. What this might mean, should it be true, is anybody's guess. One thing that instantly comes to mind is the news that quietly surfaced earlier this year about a console-style Neo Geo Pocket Color featuring 2 detachable controlers. We will keep our eyes out for anything on this subject...but don't get too excited yet.

    SNK Today
    In the September 1st issue of American news publication USA Today, the Neo Geo Pocket Color is actually reviewed, and receives a 4 star rating. They also went on to compare the superiority of the NGPC's graphical, control, and sound systems to that of the Gameboy Color. Thanks to Jay Levy for the info!

    What's up at Sector: NGP
    As you can see, the August news has been archived, and according to common sense, can now be found in the Archives section. Also, as Sector: NGP constantly grows with new reviews and game related info, things are starting to get a bit unorganized. This is most apparent in the Games section. We're currently working on rearranging things a bit, to make everything easier to find. In the process we will also add some new sections which were planned to be added during the summer. And on a side note...today, Torture received his copy of Biomotor Unitron from The Rage. The copy came packed in a Plastic 'Clamshell,' for those interested. If there's anything you've been wanting, we highly recommend taking advantage of The Rage's limited time storewide sale, which will knock 5 to 10% off anything ordered before 9.7.99