Plot Guide


Welcome to Paradise

"Okay, I will. I love you too, dad."

Heather grins.
Just an ordinary telephone conversation with her father. It was quiet and peaceful, just like any other day. She never imagined that her world would be turned upside down so suddenly...

All a sudden, without any omen, not knowing the reason, it comes. That ordinary happiness gets lost. The world changes drastically as if it is eroded by a nightmare, and Heather gets trapped into it. The happy crowd noise turns into dismal silence. The only thing she can hear is the footsteps of strange creatures. What happened? ... No one is there to answer the question. Trapped in that lonely and insane world, the only thing Heather can do is to escape from it. She doesn't even know where to go... To survive, she uses her gun to kill grotesque monsters that attack.


- Return to Silent Hill in an entirely new adventure with all-new characters and monsters.

- Silent Hill 3 promises to take the survival horror genre to new heights with the series' trademark stunning graphics, masterful use of sound, and mature, sophisticated storylines.

- Battle horrifying creatures with a new arsenal of weapons and items.

- Fans and newcomers to the series will find their wits tested, as they grapple with clever puzzles, foreboding environments, and mysterious new characters.

- Developed by the same team that created the first two critically acclaimed games, Silent Hill 3 promises to be the most horrifying game to date.