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UPDATED 05/01/04 To download from our site you will need to login to Gamespy with a Gamespy ID before attempting to download THIS will create for you a free newsletter service via which gamespy will send you a newsletter form time to time.

Fleetdock13 is now fully functional and you can download about 95% of all the mods we have created over the last few years since SFC1 was released and which were released via the Dock's pages. Only the Soundfiles still need to be relisted and will be completed soon. Those files which have not been relisted were either too out of date to re-issue or I no longer have a copy.

The Newships Page will be featuring submissions from "Any SFC Player or Modeller" who wishes to submit them TO FLEETDOCK13 For hosting.

The Criteria for submissions is as follows:

  1. It is Preferable you send an e-mail outlining your mod or model to me before sending any Zips or other stuff to post.
  2. Your model must have A readme File With Full credits In the Model. (Credits To Yourself and In the Case Of Work Modifying others Models Models full credit to all prior Modellers Involved).
  3. If your work is a modification of anothers work you must seek consent from the Original Designer of the model to use his/her work and be given consent.
  4. Each model needs to have a screenshot of the model Included with it as I don't have enough time in the day to take shots of everything I get to post.
  5. It is entirly up to the designer of the Mod or model to ensure any copyright he wants upheld on the mod or model is done by him/herself.
  6. It is also to be understood that all models on these pages are for free download. No financial gain may be made from them without the designers express consent.
Send your submissions to: E-Mail

Thanks Ghost

Copyright Notice
  • ALL Models, Textures, Sound or Art files provided for download in these web pages are the Copyright ( 2002) property of the members of Fleetdock 13.
  • Each members copyright to his work will be upheld.
  • NO offsite posting, modification or sale of any materials from this site is permitted without the members (listed in the readmes) SPECIFIC and Varifiable consent.
  • Where 3rd parties work has been used by members as part of there postings (with full consent I might add) such 3rd parties will also have to be approached for consent.

Disclaimer & Help
  1. Please do not post models elsewhere without prior permission.
  2. Click on Zip.files to download models.
  3. Some users may have to right click and 'save as' (common server problem).
  4. Some users may have to turn off downloading utilities (i.e. Getsmart, etc)
  5. Some models may require more than one click to download due to location.
  6. All models include SFC 1 (SFC 2 compatible) versions.
  7. Models with Illumination also include SFC 2 specific versions.
  8. Please refer to included readme file(s) for installation & credits.
  9. None of the models on these pages are Intended as Offical models of anything.
  10. Click on Fleetdock 13 banner to go to taldrens models forum.
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