Chapters 17 - 19

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Ivan's Story: 17 - 19

Chapter 17: Religious Support

Boris called Ivan the next day, "Hello?" said Ivan. "Ivan its Boris, I have some good news meet me at the Torch Tavern as soon as possible." replied Boris, and he then hung up. Ivan dressed quickly and headed towards the Torch Tavern. When he arrived, he met Boris and 3 other men at an outside table, there were drinks there for the four of them. "Ivan, I would like you to meet Yebonosky Jorahackz our new arms manager, Tevilisko Branshaire our new hit man, and Domsky Rovanon our new propaganda manager." Ivan shook each of their hands. "I selected them from the list because of their potential as main operatives in the party." said Boris. "We will remain loyal to our cause sir." said Domsky. "Very good gentleman, very good," said Ivan. "Well Boris, the mayor has given us his first payment, and he is bound to give us his other one. With the money we receive we can begin work on finding a proper HQ in this town." "I already have, it is located in the center of town a few blocks away from the town hall, rather large and very suitable for the number of member's we have. But the main problem is, paying off our members when they grow in rank, and demand money from us for collecting their financial debt." said Boris. "We have a very good source of money now Boris, don't forget that, I am sure as long as we keep up the pressure on the mayor, he will comply." Ivan said. "Well that brings up another issue, what about the priest, have you gotten his support yet?" asked Boris. "Don't worry, he will soon be joining us in our fight for democracy." said Ivan.

The first party meeting that was held that night was a success, 20 more people joined and the Tavern was very near capacity, if their popularity began tom grow at this rate, that headquarters would have to become mandatory pretty soon. They went over their political plans, as well as how they would gain control of the town. They set up patrol routes for secretly armed members, locations of vantage points, sniper points, and who would be good for what type of job. The plan was, for Ivan to become mayor of the town and then pass the responsibility on to another in his party. They appointed people to investigate areas, get background checks on certain locations, police officers, and political buildings. Where they would put their propaganda, graffiti, posters, flyers, and when they could get away with it. A member of the local newspaper had attended the meeting, he said that he would try to persuade his boss to attend the next meeting, and then they might be able to put their propaganda into the newspaper, and spread their word even further. But that Sunday, it was time to get the priest's answer. It was a cold day, winter was slowly approaching, and the tree's almost looked completely leafless. After the mass, Ivan met the priest at the back of the church. "I have decided to join your cause my son, I have already contacted many in the church, and have told several others about your efforts, you may have noticed more people at your meetings?" Ivan smiled inside, this man definitely was influential. "Anyway, I would like to know about what you are planning to do to gain control, I want to help change this country, but I want to do it in a peaceful manner." Ivan thought of the new order of guns that Yebonosky had brought in, and considered the priest's words. "Don't worry, we will be as peaceful as possible." replied Ivan.

Chapter 18: Good news

The next two weeks had been prosperous for the party, the mayor had given him the rest of the payment, the priest was praising Ivan and his cause at the masses, and the HQ was now theirs. The building was quite suitable, it had a helipad, camera security system, Ivan had armed guards placed at the front gates, and the building had more then enough space on the inside. They had assigned people to run the front desk, the radio transmission interceptors, monitoring the Novistranian Television channels, and the American broadcasts, (a man in the party had been able to get the satellite signals through a dish that he had stolen and set up.) patrol the town, run intelligence, guard the HQ, spread propaganda, and do other errands. The head of the local newspaper had joined the party after attending one of their meetings, and had given financial support to the cause, but more importantly he began to print Ivan's propaganda in the newspaper, when the first editions reached the capitol, they were rejected, but the mayor's in the other towns, seemed to not be doing anything to stop it.

It was a cold winter day, and Ivan was to make his first official speech to his party at the headquarters, he had previously gotten more money from the mayor after writing a rather threatening letter to him that morning, he was almost in full control of the town, "Not long now." he thought to himself. When he went out to make his speech he was met by a large applause from his faithful members. A large Democratic Republic of Novistrana flag was hung behind him and the rest of the room was well decorated, over 200 people had joined him from the original 45. He cleared his throat, waited for the applause to die down, and then began his speech. "My fellow Novistranians, the time has come for a change in government, you all have served the party faithfully, I commend all of you for your efforts, I assure you that we will win this political battle with the government, the people will see the good in our cause, and they will see that having a democratic and capitalistic way of life is the only way our country will prosper. I can assure you that we will not go unnoticed, the president has to listen to us, or else we will force him to! If we cannot gain control of this country through a justified and fair manner, then we will be forced to use military action. We have the support, we have the resources and we have the ability! My friends, we are on the brink of victory, stay faithful to the cause and we will succeed, I have faith in all of you, and I thank you for supporting the party, you have made the right choice. Your children will grow up and look back on our time and be thankful, thankful that we made a difference and made their life much better then what it would've been." His speech was met with a standing ovation. Ivan waved to the people as he left the main stage, and walked out through a back door. Boris ran up to Ivan after the speech, "Ivan, the mayor, he was killed." he said. "What?" asked Ivan. "He was killed, by the gang that he was doing business with, which means that the position of mayor is open, it would be now more then ever the right time to make a move towards office."

"And how do you think we do that, there aren't any elections, this is a dictatorship." asked Ivan. "Well I guess this is a time where we cannot gain control through a justified and fair manner." said Boris. They were going to have to take town hall by force.

Chapter 19: Forceful entry

Ivan woke up early that Saturday with a smile on his face, "This is it." he got dressed and began walking towards Liberty Street. There he met a large group of people, standing in the middle of the street. At the front of the group were at least 52 uniformed men armed with AK 47s, "Sophia Kamorave has done a very good job with those new uniforms." thought Ivan to himself. The rest of the people were armed with rifles, baseball bats, pistols, and other weapons. Some of the people were holding large signs praising Ivan and the party; he made his way to the front of the crowd the people cheering him as he arrived. He turned around and said to the people, "Onward my friends!" he yelled. The crowd began to move, they marched all the way down the street towards the town hall and the police station. They met up with others along the way and continued their march. They were met by a police force at the front of the Town Hall, someone had obviously seen the crowd and tipped off the police. "All of you drop your weapons this instant! I am giving you fair warning, we will open fire if you do not comply!" The crowd continued marching towards them. "Halt! If you do not cease this instant we will engage fire!" yelled the officer over a speakerphone. The crowd of people stopped about 35 yards away from the police force. The officer signaled for them to take aim at the people. Immediately afterwards, Ivan heard guns cocking behind him and new his guards were aiming at the police force now. Ivan pulled out his pistol and signaled the crowd to move forward. "Open Fire!" yelled the police captain. Both sides exchanged bullets. The police men began falling rapidly, but so were Ivan's men. "Everyone, Charge!" he yelled. The crowd began running towards the policemen. When they got there it started to get brutal. The people beating the policemen to death with their baseball bats and heavy metal objects, the police were outgunned and outnumbered, none were left alive. When the battle ended there were bullet casings, bodies and blood all over the street, the people forced there way in through the town hall gates and the building was theirs in a few minutes. They then moved on to the police station and it fell to them in the same way. They now had control of the town and they wouldn't be letting go of it.

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