Chapter 2

Chapter 2

It began at dawn, an event which had been planned for weeks, but had gained support and importance with recent events in Bereznia.

Gathering at the rally’s organiser’s farm, the group of thirty marched down the lane and onto the main road, heading towards town, and the town hall. As they passed by farms, residents were waiting at their gates, and the group quickly swelled to over ninety people who soon entered the town itself, waking many residents who were still asleep.

One of these was the town’s mayor, who was awaken by his panting aide.

“What is it Andruska?”, the mayor enquired.

“The farmers! They are here”, the aide gasped back, still short of breath.

“Here? Now?”, he replied, jumping out of bed and running to the window. Cursing he turned and walked to his wardrobe. “Security? Are we safe?”

“For the moment yes, but you know how these things have happened in the past. Remember that incident in Chodorov?”

“Yes…yes. Have you called the Captain?”

“No, I wanted to wake you first”

“Go! Call him! And I’ll make myself presentable.”

“Very well”

“Oh Andruska?”


“Bring the car around the back. Quietly.”

Andruska nodded before turning and hurrying from the room. The major strolled to his bathroom, pleased to see his bodyguard at his bedroom door as Andruska left.

Out on the street below, the protestors stood around in the street outside the town hall, waiting for direction from the rally organisers. They were huddled nearby, discussing what next to do. Their mind made up, the leader strode up to the front door of the town hall. Banging loudly on the door, he was surprised it did not open immediately.

After knocking several times, the door creaked open and a member of the local police stepped out, his SIG pistol clearly visible in its holster.

“Yes?”, he asked, seemingly irritated at the intrusion to his morning.

“We wish to speak to the mayor!”

“Very well. Let me see”, the officer replied before turning on his heel and walking inside, closed the door behind him.

The protestors leader left staring, first at the officers receding back, then the closed door.

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