The Republic Role-Play

The Republic Role-Play

Editors note: This article refers to the Republic Role Playing game which can be found on my forums - go and check it out.

Well it’s been a few too many weeks since I’ve submitted an article to Jon. The delay can mainly be blamed on the new Republic Role- Playing Game. That and my pure laziness. In order to gloss over my laziness, I’ve decided to write a little about the Republic Role- Playing Game.

Well only 2 months ago, a few very intelligent people got together and created what may just be, the greatest Role-Playing game to ever grace the Internet. Around the same time, some other people created the Republic Role-Playing Game. Now the Republic Role-Playing Game, which will be from here known as RRPG (because of my laziness), is not your usual RP game where you go around attacking Orcs and slaying Hobbits. No my friends this game puts you into the high pressure world of politics in a small, former Soviet nation ... much like the country that is the focus in Republic-the Revolution. It even has the same name. Well you head on over to the forums and join the game by choosing a political party. At the moment there is 4 parties who of cause all think that their form of government is the best to bring Novistrana out of the post-Cold War dark ages.

There is the stinking swine that rape our land and sell our women also known as the Capitalist Party of Novistrana (CPN). They believe that money is the right way to go forward. Money makes the world go round and Novistrana needs cold hard cash to join the rest of the world.

Then there are the Independents and Centrists of Novistrana (ICN). Now they believe in balance... which really means that they can do or say anything they want. They have people who follow Capitalism, Communism, Fascism and just about every other “ism” that’s around, in their party.

Next we have the Novistrana Liberation Party (NLP). They are the local Fascists. They like funny walks, puffy trousers and funky facial hair. If you love marching then surely this is the party for you.

Last but not least is the Communist Party of Novistrana (KPN). If wearing cool bohemian clothing is your bag then join this party today. They are a fine upstanding group of people who know how to get Novistrana back on it’s feet (can you guess which party I’m in?).

Now sure there’s not cool graphics and almost no fragging at all but we still seem to have a fun time arguing and voting on legislation. All we need is to bring in simulated intern relationships and it’ll be just like real politics.

But then I’ve always had a good imagination.

So if you’ve got a spare few hours a week and you’d like to interact with other Republic-the Revolution groupies, then go on over to the RepRev Forums and take a look at the RRPG. It may just be the RPG that fills that tiny gap in your life ... or it may just send you completely mad. Either way it should be entertaining for the rest of us to watch.


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