Paper, Scissors, Stone

Paper, Scissors, Stone

Fear not readers, I'm not about to tell you about how "Paper, Scissors, Stone" was used in the Master System classic: "Alex Kidd". Yes, this novel title is actually related to Republic; or more specifically, the control methods it uses. On the more recent screenshots of Republic, you'll have noticed three bars at the top of each picture. One has a classic Soviet-esque star next to it, one a classic Soviet-esque coin next to it, and one a not particularly Soviet-esque head next to it. Believe it or not; these three bars show you the three major aspects of the game: Force, Influence and Money. While our governments dream of having lots of these, in Republic, you'll have the chance to develop each one as far as you can. So get practicing your evil cackle, and do read on.

Since we really have no idea what the finished, (if it ever gets finished!), Republic will look like, from the screenshots we can make some educated guesses.

  • Force (Red Star?)
As a militaristic leader, this will be your primary concern. Rolling the tanks into the Novistranan equivalent of Red Square will only be possible if you have enough force to do it. Assassinations, Beatings, Assaults and Extortion: They all depend on your ability to use "Force", using "The Force" will no doubt lead to many cheesy Star-Wars reference, but hey, it lets you beat up your opponents, so that has to be good...

  • Money (Coin?)
"You can't make the scene if you don't have the green"; and this mantra stands firm in Republic. I think we can be fairly confident that the coin on the screenshots represent your financial assets; a key aspect for your success. Almost every basic function will require cash; from hiring an assassin to organising a rally. However, the faction with the most amount of dosh won't always win: what use is a cheque book against an attack helicopter? The endless possibilities of bribery and expansion are one of Republic's most appealing features; and money will be central to all forms of gameplay.

  • Influence (Head?)
The ability to influence both your own supporters, and the supporters of others, will undoubtedly be key to the less violent style of playing Republic. This, like money and force, will be unique in it's ability: Giving another diverse way to play through the game. It is believed at the moment that influence will effect the middle classes of Novistrana; those pinko-Guardian-reading liberals who were pro-Argentina during the Falklands etc. Influence doesn't attract me as much as Force: While creating a riot is fun, putting down a riot with armed guards is much more fun.

So how will these actions play out with each other? Well, I've hinted at it in the description of Influence. Force is gathered from the working classes, Money from the upper classes, and influence from the middle classes. Demis describes it as "A simplification of the real world"; and who am I to argue with him? He goes on to describe how they work togther: "there's a paper-scissor-stone relationship between them. Force is good against influence. Influence is good against money. Money is good against force" - Hence the title of this article. Despite the tight-lipped nature of Elixir Studios, this is the best indication about how you'll actually play Republic.

Personally, this makes me very excited. The best strategy games are those which are very deep, but retain ease of control and understanding. With the implementation of Force, Money and Influence; it looks like Demis and his time have struck that balance. Whether my optimism is justified, well, time will tell.

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Reply from Demis, team leader at Elixir: (Added by RepRev)

The Star is your Force Resource (think of it as people power) which you mainly gain from the working classes.

The Coin is your Wealth Resource (effectively money) which you mainly get from the upper classes.

And the Head is your Influence Resource which you mainly get from the middle classes.

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