The Revolutionary Republic

The Revolutionary Republic

It was about a year ago, when I heard of a new game named Republic: The Revolution. When I read the descriptions I realized that this is the game that will change all the gaming standards. The Totality engine, which will be able to render infinite number of polygons, will demonstrate a new level of computer graphics never seen before. But what makes the Republic such an extraordinary game, is its main concept and the sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) needed to implement it.

There are many games, which let you play the role of a leader, but there is no game, which lets you feel the thirst for power. In Republic you'll have to be cunning and wicked, and in other words to literally do everything for power (kill, bribe, threaten...). To put it in a nutshell, you'll have to practice Machiavelli's theories!

Creating an environment with such a real feel is a very demanding task, and people in Elixir are the first to try to implement such a subtle idea. And yet the most interesting fact is that they haven't chosen to find a simple solution to each problem, on the contrary, their solution to each problem is realism! For example the country of Novistrana (which you live in) is created with a population of one million distinct individuals! I can't think of a game, which has had ten thousand individuals, let alone one million!

Creating such a gigantic environment will certainly take much time and effort and I won't be surprised if any further delays in release date are announced. New screenshots will apparently be released this week, and they will shed much light on the final Totality engine. But we will have to wait until the release date to see how these revolutionary ideas have been implemented. And until then, each week we will discuss important issues regarding this game in comparison to other games.

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