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Last updated 08 June 2002

Canon de 155mm Long Mle 1917 - Grande Puissance Filloux


Designer Lieutenant colonel d’artillerie L.J.F. Filloux

Canon de 155mm Long Mle 1917 GPF

Original Manufacture France, Puteaux
Original Manufacture name 155mm L Mle 1917 GPF

Is this a license build gun? no

License Manufacture ~
Customer Aim Domestic Military
Prototype naming
Indented country naming France, 155mm L Mle 1917 GPF
Naming variants Germany -'15.5cm K 418(f)'
Germany -'15.5cm K 419(f)' (platform)
-'155mm Gun M1917' (various models)
reversion models France -High speed modifications
USA -'155mm Gun M1917/18'
Licenses build variants USA -'155mm Gun M1917' (various models)
USA -'155mm Gun M1917/18'
Export variants

Nature of weapon Field gun
Introduction date
First action date
Production time
Production number

Gun dimension

Caliber, bore 155mm

Caliber, length/bore
Muzzle brake
Recoil system
Breech mechanism
Barrel length (all)  9.70m
Barrel length (ex breech)
Length of rifling
Twist of rifling
Barrel weight (all)
Barrel construction
Weight (firing position) 10.700kg
Weight (traveling order) 11.775kg
Length (firing position)
Length (traveling order)
Width (firing position) 2.44m
Width (traveling order)
Height (firing position)
Height (traveling order) 1.83m
Ground Clearance (towing)

Gun performers


Traverse Right ?°
Traverse Left ?°
Elevation +35°
Depression -0°
Ammunition types 44.09kg -HE
Maximum Range 19.650m -HE
Muzzle velocity 754m/s -HE
Charge weight
Rate of Fire - 30s ~
Rate of Fire - 4m ~4-5 rounds
Rate of Fire - 10m ~
Rate of Fire - 1h, sustained ~



Shield no
Wheels (if any) yes
Tyres (if any) yes on revision models

Towing vehicle


Primary type


Under construction
More Pictures
155mm GPF - in US service        
Overturned US GPF gun.
France ca 1917

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